Tenga Original Vacuum Cup Cool Edition Masturbator

Tenga Original Vacuum Cup Cool Edition Masturbator

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Imagine a deep oral sex with a feeling of cool freshness. Well, that's what Tenga offers you with this special edition of its most iconic toy. The Original Vacuum Cup, also called 'Deep Throat' is now available in a Cool Tenga Cup version. So, what’s new? The brand's most classic masturbator now comes with a menthol lubricant included. Its cooling effect will make the experience more intense and longer-lasting.

The Vacuum Cup Cool Edition is equipped with a 'Smooth Pad' insertion mechanism, i.e. a soft pad that ensures easy and satisfying penetration. It also helps retain and distribute the lubricant to the whole of the stroker when the penis is inserted. With an inner texture made up of infinite nodules, it has a wavy zone that provides a squeezing sensation in the middle for powerful stimulation.

Do you want to know the best part of it? Its vacuum suction. Peel off the sticker at the top of the Cool Tenga Cup before use, and cover and uncover it with your fingers during masturbation to create a powerful suction effect.

Its hour-glass design makes it easy to grip and its wavy texture squeezes and releases — driving you absolutely wild with pleasure. Remember, don't try to extend its life span by using a condom or ejaculating on the outside. The lubricant will have already spread throughout the toy, degrading the material for future use. We recommend that you skip the condom and enjoy the experience to the full.

Main features of the Cool Tenga Cup:

  • Includes a menthol lubricant with a cooling effect.
  • Has an hourglass-shaped polyethylene (PE) casing that makes it easy to grip, fitting snugly in your hand.
  • Oral sex simulator.
  • It features an internal chamber made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), which has a texture consisting of infinite nodules and waves.
  • It boasts an insertion depth of approximately 6 inches (5.9 cm) and a width of approximately 2 inches (4.5 cm).
  • It has a hole at the top that is covered with a sticker. This hole is there so you feel an incredible suction effect when it is covered and uncovered with your finger while you move the masturbator up and down. Remove the sticker and find out for yourself.
  • It's equipped with an insertion mechanism called 'Smooth Pad'. This is a polyurethane pad that designed to retain and distribute the lubricant when the penis is inserted and to make penetration more pleasurable.
  • It’s a single-use masturbator. Neither the use of a condom nor trying to ejaculate outside will prevent the material from degrading once the lubricant has been dispersed.

Are you ready for the most refreshing and intense oral sex?

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