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Tenga Spinner 03 Shell Masturbator

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The Tenga Spinner 03 Shell masturbator has brought about a revolution in male masturbation. If you're a lover of strong emotions and firm textures, this product is definitely for you.

The key to the Spinner 03 Shell lies within. Its texture is composed of a series of fanned tiles which grip your penis firmly. What’s more, it's also the tightest of all the Spinner masturbators, adding even more intense and powerful stimulation. On top of all this, we must add that's it's a reusable masturbator. Could you hope for more?

Its external measurements are 13 cm (5.1") in length and 4.5 cm (1.8") in width and is made of elastomer. This is an ultra-flexible material that adapts perfectly to the size and shape of your penis. It has an insertion depth of about 17 cm (5.9") and an insertion width of about 5 cm (1.7").

But let's not forget the best feature, which all masturbators in the Tenga Spinner family share. What are we talking about? Of course, we're talking about the internal coil structure. This special feature makes the Tenga Spinner 03 rotate when you insert your penis — delivering incredible sensations with each stroke. What's more, its completely ergonomic shape guarantees the most comfortable experience. Indeed, in 2019, the Tenga Spinner series, which consists of three masturbators, was given a Red Dot Award in their 'Product Design' category — demonstrating exceptional design.

Remember that you must use a water-based lube when using your Spinner 03 Shell. You'll find a free sample of Tenga's Hole Lotion Real lube inside.

The Tenga Spinner 03 Shell is a very hygienic erotic toy. It comes with a case in which it may be stored when you're not using it. Cleaning it is also a really simple task. Simply use neutral soap and water. And if that wasn't enough, Tenga has also given thought to how to dry the masturbator. The lower part of the storage case doubles as a drying case.

Discover a new way to experience pleasure with Tenga's Spinner 03 Shell!

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