Remote Control Vibrators

The adult toy industry joined the technological revolution quite a while ago. Remote control vibrators are proof of this. They're wireless and what makes them really stand out from the crowd is that their settings, intensities and programs can all be altered using a remote control. Now, you’ll have to decide who's going to be in charge of it.

What's your number one sexual fantasy? Because according to surveys carried out by two major condom brands, using ‘teledildonics’ as they're known in the industry, has made it to first place in the sexual fantasy rankings for women. It seems that men are also up for a bit of remote-controlled action. Although the threesome remains the number one fantasy of most men, more than 25% have desires to partake in a sexy game of teledildonics. And it’s really not surprising — Can you imagine having an orgasm in the middle of dinner with friends? Or while you're waiting in line at the cinema? It's a widely known fact that not giving in to cravings can be very dangerous! So, browse our catalogue, choose your favourite — and make your fantasies come true. Remember — there's a prize for not revealing just how good it feels!

Remote control vibrators

OK. We all know that technology has changed our lives and made things easier. However, put your hand up if you thought that it could also revolutionise your sex life. Of course, we don't always see things coming — and this has taken us by surprise. The most cutting-edge technology has landed in the adult toy industry to create a device that will add a whole load of fun and a big sprinkling of spice to your everyday life. Vibrators to use alone or in company; control your own excitement levels or give that control to someone else (quite literally).

  • Satisfyer Partner Plus Remote clitoral stimulator

    Three is not always a crowd We guarantee it. The Satisfyer Partner Plus Remote clitoral stimulator is a vibrator designed for couples, but you can also use it alone — of course. We’ll explain how it works. It's great for foreplay — put it in your panties and let your partner get you excited without even touching you. It's U-shaped and one part penetrates her vagina, stimulating her G-spot, while the other end is placed on her clitoris. What about him? Well, he’ll feel much greater tightness during penetration. It’ll be so intense, you’ll both reach heaven in a matter of minutes. But don't worry — you can always go again.

  • Lelo Tiani 2 clitoral stimulator

    With this bestseller designed especially for partner play, you'll enjoy 50% more powerful vibrations and 8 different stimulation modes. It's a totally waterproof remote-controlled vibrator that's so sophisticated and effective, you’ll never want to stop using it. Stimulate your clitoris, your G-spot and make your vagina even tighter. Want some advice? When using it with your partner, missionary is the best position. You heard it from us.

  • Lyla 2 bullet vibrator from Lelo

    Turn yourself on, or let your partner do it for you. Don't let its size deceive you, this bullet vibrator is small, discreet, but very powerful and silent! Very important: it's also made to be used in any place and at any time — without anybody else realising. It's remote control, equipped with a movement sensor, allows you to enjoy a range of different vibrations with just a tilt or a shake.

  • Liebe Panty Vibe clitoral stimulator

    ¿Where would you like to have your next orgasm? This rechargeable, remote-controlled mini-vibrator can be discreetly placed in your panties to make you shake with pleasure inside and outside the house. It has a warming function, it's waterproof and it has 10 different vibration settings —an avalanche of orgasms is guaranteed. But don't rush — revel in the kinkiness and the excitement of being able to feel them anywhere; alone or surrounded by people. Put on your best face.

Wireless vibrators

In the sex shop at EroticFeel, all our remote control vibrators are wireless. Designed to make it easier, so relax and enjoy.

How long does a remote control vibrator last?

All of our vibrators are from recognised brands and are of the highest quality. All of them come with a guarantee and with proper maintenance, they can have a lifespan of more than 10 years. Although the vibrators are rechargeable, the majority of the remote controls work with batteries. Generally, the best quality batteries tend to run out more slowly and the bigger ones, such as AA or AAA, last longer than the small ones.

If you want your vibrator to have a long and happy life, we recommend cleaning it with neutral soap and warm water, and disinfecting it with specific sex toy products. Take out the batteries when you're not using it and read the manufacturer's instruction carefully.

What is the operating distance of remote control vibrators?

Remote control vibrators usually work at a maximum distance of 15 metres.

Now that you've got all the information — compare, choose, and make your fantasies become reality! Your imagination is the only limit.


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