Discreet Vibrators

Small, but powerful. Those are the discreet vibrators that you’ll find at EroticFeel. But don't be fooled by their cute and discreet appearance. They're as potent as any other vibrator, but with a major advantage: you can comfortably take them with you anywhere, and nobody will bat an eyelid. Some of them even resemble everyday objects — such as a lipstick, an eyeliner or even a perfume. If you want discretion or a disguise for your vibrator, enter our discreet vibrators section now, and find what you're searching for.

Tired of those big penis-shaped vibrators? If you've ever had a fright, you're in the right section. Don't let their size fool you, the little guys tend to be a lot racier. Maybe you’re thinking about buying yourself a sex toy, and although it's the most natural thing in the world — let's not fool ourselves. It can be a bit embarrassing if your mother shows up unannounced and finds your giant penis-shaped vibrator on your bedside table. If you’re made to open your suitcase at the airport and there, among the bikinis and summer dresses — appears a magnificent phallic head that leaves little room for doubt.

But don't despair, you’ll have a good old giggle at these experiences in the future. However, if you prefer to avoid them at all costs, then we’d like to present you with some devices that even the most lascivious minds wouldn't guess were adult toys. Would you like discretion or a disguise for your vibrator? Enter our discreet vibrators section now, and find what you're searching for.

Did you know that the best perfumes are sold in small bottles? At EroticFeel, we've created a selection that’ll make your mouth water — even though you haven't tried them yet.

What is a discreet vibrator?

Well, yes — it is quite clear by the name. It's a small vibrator or clitoral sucker that's ‘inoffensive’ in appearance. You can take it with you everywhere, keep it in your handbag; and it's usually so tiny, you can even hold it in the palm of your hand. Their shapes, a far cry from those explicit designs resembling male genitals, usually look like other everyday objects. Some are so cute that they could easily be given as gifts at weddings — forget about those ugly figurines once and for all!

Can you imagine a vibrator that looks like a lipstick, a bottle of perfume, an eyeliner, a USB stick, or even an ice-cream? Fun, cute and powerful. When it comes to vibrators — size really doesn't matter. Trust us.

Types of discreet vibrators

Mini clitoral suckers

Is it even possible that you've still not heard of the famous Satisfyer clitoral suckers? The web is full of women who claim to have had the best and fastest orgasms of their lives using these female pleasure machines. Even the mass media have echoed their benefits. Well, congratulations!

The brand has also created a mini sucker that's silent, discreet, and is just as powerful as its older brother. Of course, it doesn't look anything like a sex toy. Take it with you everywhere. TheSatisfyer Pro Traveler envelops your clitoris without touching it. Using stimulation through vibration waves, it’ll serenade you while taking you directly to paradise. Absolutely magical.

Lipstick vibrator

No other model will go so unnoticed. In your handbag, your purse, or your toiletry bag. The Iroha Stick collection, designed by the leading Japanese company in the adult toy industry, are highly recommended. Iroha has pulled out all the stops to launch this lipstick-shaped vibrator that’ll show you a wonderful time with absolute discretion. There are no limits to creativity when it comes to satisfying our urges and our sexual desires.

And what's that V-shaped cut that you can see at the end of it? You can just imagine. Stimulate yourself directly with its points or play with its curves. The Iroha Stick works with AAA batteries that last five hours, even underwater. Do you need to retouch your make-up?

Beautiful and discreet vibrators

Here, there's a name you need to jot down: Iroha. Tenga's feminine brand has such an extensive range of the most beautiful vibrators available, you’ll want to collect them all. Iroha has combined beauty, usability and functionality. If you don't believe us, take a look.

TheIroha Mini, is available in three different colours and resembles a tiny perfume bottle shaped like a drop of water. And we assure you that it’ll be raining orgasms. As you must already know, the adorable is not always at odds with the intense. Use its tip to enjoy such powerful and concentrated vibrations that your climax will be simply mind-blowing. Not forgetting, Lelo's flagship product — Lelo Lily 2.

Both minimalist and high-end, the Iroha Yuki, the Iroha Sakura and the Iroha Midori will become your favourite treats. Small, soft and exciting — their smooth, round lines will massage your clitoris until you're utterly satisfied. But you still won't be able to stop!

Elegant and sophisticated vibrators

A rounded tongue that stimulates you in just the right place. Would you like to know what we're talking about? The Satisfyer Purple Pleasure is an elegant and discreet lilac vibrator that’ll become your closest ally at the end of the day. 15 vibrations modes, 5 speeds, and 10 different rhythms for the most deliciously wet orgasms.

Small, compact and powerful — the Satisfyer Dark Desire and the Satisfyer White Temptation are so well-disguised, you might mistake them for your USB stick or your car keys! Take them everywhere you go.

Chocolate or strawberry? Well, forget having to choose because from now on, ice-creams are not just for the summer. The yummy Satisfyer Little Wand is the only ice-cream guaranteed to raise the temperature and take you on sweetest journey. With it's hard texture and its large tip, it's deep vibrations will make your clitoris melt away. An ice-cream has never tasted so good.

Combining pleasure and discretion is more than possible. Now you don't have any excuse!


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