Ion DryTech Packs (3 included)

Ion DryTech Packs (3 included)

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Now that you have the Ion Arcwave in your hands, you'll be able to taste the sweetness of an intense orgasm that will last far longer than the climaxes you've experienced so far. This jewel is equipped with the latest technology designed to stimulate you by means of powerful air waves — like that used in clitoris suckers. It includes a charging base doesn't just recharge the battery of your toy, it also ensures that it dries properly. How? This is thanks to a DryTech Stick and the DryTech pack inside which absorbs moisture and accelerates the drying process in your Ion's interior. So far so good. The lifespan of the DryTech stick depends both on usage and on how dry the masturbator is before you place it in the charging base. In other words, wiping your masturbator as dry as possible with a lint-free cloth before storing it will extend its life.

However, this is not a matter of life and death and you have nothing to worry about. At EroticFeel you’ll find all the replacement products you need. These are the Ion DryTech Packs of 3 — so you can get three new drying packs to put inside the stick (one at a time, of course!). These packets are reusable, so when you see that it has absorbed enough moisture and no longer serves its purpose — you can put it in the microwave and use it again.

Remember that proper maintenance of your Ion Arcwave ( adequate cleaning and drying) will help to keep your masturbator in perfect condition for much longer.

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