Tenga Hole Warmer

Tenga Hole Warmer Masturbator Heater

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The Tenga Hole Warmer is the perfect product to make masturbation with your products an even more pleasurable experience. This is the best way to warm-up your favourite masturbator. Enjoy stimulation that will remind you of a real encounter by recreating the temperature of the inside of a vagina.

Keep in mind that Tenga Hole Warmer has been exclusively designed for Tenga Cup masturbators. In fact, its elongated body has been specifically designed to increase the temperature of these devices before they’re used. Due to differences in size and material, Tenga cannot guarantee that it will work with their other masturbators

How does the Tenga Hole Warmer work?

It couldn't be easier to use the Tenga Hole Warmer. First of all, click the metal disc located at the top, until you hear a click. This tells you that the great power of the Tenga Hole Warmer has been activated. You’ll notice a grey, cloudy substance will be dispersed throughout the device. What is actually happening is that the liquid inside is crystallizing. This causes the interior to warm-up and radiate its heat towards the surface.

From this moment, your Tenga Hole Warmer will have reached the perfect temperature. In fact, it can reach 50 degrees, maintaining this temperature for a maximum of 20 minutes.

Now, you only have to insert your Tenga Warmer in your masturbator for a few minutes and the temperature of your Tenga Cup toy will be pleasantly warm — delivering more realistic and more pleasurable stimulation.

Are you wondering about long it will take your Tenga Cup masturbator to reach the desired temperature? Well, that depends on the room temperature, as well as the device in question. But, to give you an idea, if you have a Tenga Original Vacuum Cup, your Tenga Hole Warmer will take 5 minutes to provide this masturbator with a pleasant internal temperature.

Once activated, the internal structure of the Tenga Hole Warmer solidifies. To return it to its original state, place it in boiling water. Afterwards, keep it at room temperature.

Finally, one of the great advantages of this product is that, despite it's appearance, it's not actually a disposable product. In fact, you can use it up to 30 times.. In addition, its discreet size makes it perfect to take on your travels.

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