Tenga Air-Tech VC Regular

Tenga Air-Tech VC Regular Masturbator

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If you think you're looking at a typical Tenga masturbator — you're wrong. Appearances can be very deceptive! It's true that the Air-Tech VC Regular resembles the standard Air-Tech Regular — but it differs greatly from its predecessors. These masturbators feature a new internal design — specially designed to stimulate your glans with great intensity. The sleeve also has a sleeve holder band, so that it remains fixed in position within its case. However, the most innovative thing about the Air-Tech VC Regular is its compatibility with the Vacuum Controller suction device. The VC guarantees incredibly exciting and unique sensations. You can use the Air-Tech VC Regular in two different ways...

Tenga Air-Tech VC Regular without the electronic Vacuum Controller:

  • Remove the red, white and grey protective wrapping.
  • Open the base of the masturbator by lifting the cap.
  • Remove the lubricant from inside the sleeve and apply it generously to the entry hole and inside the inner chamber — as well as to your penis.
  • Peel off the sticker covering the hole at the top so you can easily insert your penis.
  • Cover and uncover the hole to your liking and enjoy a pleasant sensation of suction.

Tenga Air-Tech VC Regular with the electronic Vacuum Controller:

  • Remove the red, white and grey plastic that protects the rigid polypropylene (PP) case.
  • Lift the cap on the base of the masturbator to open it.
  • You'll find a container with lubricant inside the internal chamber. Apply it generously to your penis, as well as to the entry hole and the inside of the Air-Tech VC Regular.
  • Remove the sticker that covers the hole at the top of of the case and attach your Tenga Vacuum Controller. To do this, simply turn the vacuum control unit until you hear a click.
  • Insert your penis into the masturbator.
  • Press the vacuum switch once to turn it on.
  • Press the release button whenever you need to — the suction can get very intense very quickly.
  • When you're done, press the vacuum switch again to turn it off.

The Tenga Air-Tech Regular VC has an ace up its sleeve. Did you know that the internal chamber of these masturbators is made of thermoplastic elastomer? That means that, with proper care, you can reuse yours as many times as you like. Remember that it's insertable length is 15 cm (5.9") and its insertable width is 4.5 cm (1.8"). At EroticFeel, we recommend that you always clean your masturbator shortly after use. We'll explain below how to go about it:

  • First, in order to remove the sleeve, you must remove the band that keeps it in place inside the case. Simple place your finger on the tab and pull outwards.
  • Once you've pulled out the sleeve, turn it inside out and wash it with neutral soap and cold or tepid water to remove any traces of lubricant or body fluid.
  • Try to remove all the moisture with a towel. Turn it back around to dry completely before storing it.
  • Also, remove the top cover of your Air-Tech VC Regular to wash the sponge insert that you'll find inside. You’ll just need water, and a towel to dry it off.
  • Do not apply pressure when you reinsert the sleeve into the case. Simply turn and place it inside. Once it's inside, set the sleeve so that the lip covers the rim.
  • Place the band around the exposed part of the sleeve and close.
  • Remember to also reinsert the sponge at the other end and make sure everything is closed tightly until your next use.
  • We recommend that you store it in a dark, cool and dry place.

Whether used with manual suction or the electronic vacuum device, we guarantee that you'll enjoy unparalleled pleasure with your Air-Tech VC Regular masturbator.

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