Melt with pleasure from the delicious cool effect of Tenga Cool. Yes, the Japanese brand expert in sexual stimulation knows that playing with temperatures can be very exciting. A change, a tingling, and the spark ignites. That's why they have launched three of their most famous male masturbators in a special edition that will awaken your senses and drive you crazy. And how do they achieve it? Thanks to a mentholated lubricant that will make your skin tingle with a delicious refreshing sensation. It will intensify the pleasure and duration of masturbation. Promise.

Tenga Egg Cool Edition, Tenga Original Vacuum Cup Cool Edition, and Tenga Soft Tube Cup Cool Edition. The same cool effect in different formats, with different textures and structures, to give you three different experiences. Here you can find and buy all the Tenga Cool available so far because you never know what surprises the Japanese company might have in store for us. We will be on the lookout.

Can you imagine the fabulous texture of Tenga Eggs but with a cool effect too? Or the provocative suction of Tenga Cups that imitates the best of fellatio with a glacial touch that will run through your body? Stop imagining it and try it. In this case, the reality surpassing fiction is not just a cliché. With Tenga Cool, shivering from the cold will take on a new meaning. If you choose, choose Tenga.


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