Toy Cleaning

Cleaning your sex toys properly is the key to ensuring that they keep performing at their best for as long as possible. That's why at EroticFeel, we have a whole section that's exclusively dedicated to adult toy cleaning products. Whether it's made of silicone, latex or metal, at EroticFeel we have the ideal product to clean it. Our products will keep your toy in tip-top condition for as long as possible. Here, you'll find all kinds of products to clean your adult toys and extend their lifespan. Find what you've been looking for.

Give your sex toys the care and attention they deserve. They're always there for you — ready to brighten up a bad day or make a good one even better They make you so happy and really bring out the best in you. Haven't they earned the best care and attention? Would you wear your favourite T-shirt with a huge stain on it? Not cleaning your sex toys properly is much more serious, and could have much more dangerous consequences.. A good old infection can have you writhing in pain after you've been moaning with pleasure. A sad ending for a glorious occasion. So don't rush and don't be lazy. At the EroticFeel online sex shop, you'll find all kinds of products to keep your favourite toys as fresh as the first day you bought them. Find what you've been looking for.

The best cleaning products for adult toys

  • Satisfyer Men Renewing Powder

    These magic powders, which look a bit like talcum powder, have been specially created by Satisfyer — the company that has revolutionised the world of adult toys. They are used to clean and preserve the smooth texture of one of their star products — the Satisfyer Men. If you want it to continue providing you with glorious moments, devote a few minutes to it after each use. Both the Satisfyer Men and the Satisfyer Men Heat Vibration can be quickly disassembled for easy cleaning. Remove the sleeve, turn it inside out, and wash it with warm water and neutral soap. Then, sprinkle the Renewing Powder. It will be completely disinfected until your next party, and will remain soft to the touch.

  • Liebe toy cleaner

    For your vibrators, for your Kegel balls — for any sex toy you use. This sex toy cleaner from Liebe has been created to make your life easier. It couldn’t be more simple. With just one product, you can disinfect all your sex toys — even the most delicate ones. Liebe's cleaner doesn't contain alcohol. We recommend that you use it before and after using your favourite toys. It effectively eliminates all types of germs, bacteria and fungi, and extends your toy's lifespan.. Its 100ml container can be kept comfortably in your pocket or in your hand luggage. Take it with you everywhere, including on holidays and trips. Just spray it directly on the surface and then rub it with a damp cloth. It’ll be as good as new!

How often should you wash your toys?

First of all — congratulations! If you're reading this, it means you have at least one adult toy. You've already enjoyed it (that's for sure), and now you know what it's worth (and we're not talking about the price), you want to keep it clean and safe for as long as possible. Well, the bottom line is — don't be lazy! You should wash your toy before and after each use. Spend just a few seconds on it and you'll avoid any aggravation. Cleaning it after each use is what keeps the toy looking as good as new for as long as possible. It's also advisable to do this to avoid spending the next few weeks taking antibiotics to clear up an infection. Who wants to suffer after so much pleasure?

Remember, the place where you keep your toys is also important. Always keep them somewhere both clean and dry. The bathroom, for example, is not the ideal place. As it's one of the most humid parts of the house, it can facilitate the spread of bacteria. If the toy has come in a box or bag, that would be the ideal place to store it in. Most toys nowadays are made of silicone, and they require some special care.

Soap and water always works — especially if you then use a special disinfectant. However, avoid water that is too hot and aggressive soapscontaining alcohol or any other products with high acidic or alkaline content. We recommend warm water and neutral soap. Remember that the adult toy cleaner from Liebe doesn’t contain alcohol, so it's perfect for cleaning even the most delicate silicone-made toys. It's better to let your toys air dry, but if you're going to use a cloth, choose one that doesn't leave any fibres or residue.

One last piece of advice — if you want to avoid any inconveniences, keep your new friends out of the reach of children and gossiping relatives. Well, know you know — good friends always deserve to be treated well.


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