Liebe cleaner for my vibrator

Liebe Toy Cleaner

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Liebe wants to make your life much easier. Of course, you already know that it's essential to clean your sex toys properly in order to avoid infections and extend their lifespan. Liebe Toy Cleaner is the product you've been looking for. Thanks to its alcohol-free formula, it can be used with all of your toys. It can even be used with silicone toys (which are the most common types) or with those with more delicate surfaces. Do you have a vibrator, a dildo, Kegel balls? You can use it with everything!

Liebe's adult toy cleaner eliminates all germs and bacteria. We recommend using it before and after you use your toys. Just spray it directly on the item's surface, then rub it with a damp cloth or rinse it off with water. Afterwards, rub gently with a dry cloth to remove any moisture. You’ll be done in less than a minute!

Cleaning the toy before each use will protect you from possible infections. Cleaning it after each use will also keep the toy in good condition for a longer period of time — extending its lifespan.

Why buy Liebe's sex toy cleaner?

  • Its spray format makes it disinfectant that's easy and quick to use.
  • You can use it on all types of toys — even your most delicate ones.
  • It eliminates all types of germs and bacteria.
  • It doesn't contain alcohol.
  • It's been developed following the strictest safety regulations.

You can keep its handy 100ml container comfortably in your pocket or hand luggage. Take it with you everywhere, including your holidays and trips. Also, remember that all your purchases from us will arrive in the most discreet manner possible. That means neutral boxes without any logos or seals that could otherwise be used to identify what is hidden inside.

Get maximum hygiene for minimal effort. Don't risk getting an infection or losing your favourite toy before it's time is truly up because of poor maintenance. Now taking proper care of your sexual wellness products is easier than ever. Give it the attention it deserves and long live the pleasure!

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