Pjur Toy Clean Cleaning Spray

Pjur Toy Clean Cleaning Spray

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You like sex and you like sex toys (who doesn't?). Whether you have one or a drawer full of them, the first thing to remember is the importance of keeping them clean and disinfected at all times. The pleasure they give us is wonderful — but no one wants to be gifted an infection. Proper cleaning is also the only way to ensure that your best buddies keep on giving you the pleasure you deserve. And this cleaning thing is a bit of a hassle, isn't it? Well, let's not be lazy. Pjur couldn't have made it easier for you. A single product in spray format is all you need. Of course, you can opt for soap and water (always neutral), but this does not ensure the total elimination of germs, bacteria and other organisms. What do you need? Pjur Toy Clean.

Pjur Toy Clean is a cleaning spray that guarantees a healthy sex life. As it doesn't contain alcohol nor perfume, it’s perfect for cleaning all, and we mean ALL of your sex toys. Even silicone toys — which are the most common kind. The gentle formula does not damage materials such as latex, rubber, silicone or leather, which may deteriorate when cleaned with products containing alcohol. Of course, it's dermatologically tested, colourless and tasteless.

Specific features of Pjur Toy Clean:

  • Alcohol and perfume free.
  • For thorough cleaning of all types of sex toys.
  • It does not damage the material and will extend the lifespan of your toys.
  • Effectively kills germs, bacteria and fungi.
  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Dermatologically tested.
  • It contains 100 ml.

How do I use Pjur Toy Clean?

Spray Pjur Toy Clean directly onto your toy, spread it all over and if necessary, wash it with a little water. Are you done? Now, store the toy within easy-reach and it'll be ready for your next play session.

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