Valentine's Day

You can write the saddest verses tonight... or the hottest ones. We know that few things arouse so many mixed feelings (maybe pizza with pineapple), as the celebration of Valentine's Day and its corresponding gifts. Hardcore romantics who would line the walls of their room with hearts as they once did with their folders, skeptics who claim that love is demonstrated day by day but do not spend a penny even if it kills them, and anti-capitalists who argue that the party is an invention of the Corte Ingles, because after all, what did the Romans did for us? Read carefully.

For lack of a pulpit from which to proclaim it to the four winds we will leave it in writing: squandering love daily is fantastic but let's face it, work, putting the washing machine, the last chapter of the series to which you are hooked and buy toilet paper interfere in daily romanticism. Think back, when was your last romantic gesture? If you can't remember, let us guide you.

One thing is to put an end to the myth of romantic love and another (very different) to let romanticism die. There are loves that kill, yes, but others resurrect the dead and make you smile in the midst of catastrophe. Cursis? Maybe, but also revolutionaries, because while we are bombarded with news that seem to predict the end of the world (inflation, nuclear war, heating prices, the breakup of Preysler and Vargas Llosa) we prefer to shelter under the sheets and celebrate the good.

Memory, What was your last great romantic gesture? Note that cleaning the bathroom doesn't count. You don't have to fall into clichés, spend a fortune or rack your brains to end up giving away a toaster. But keep in mind that not even the worst couple in the world deserves a postcard with the phrase 'I like you more than chocolate and you don't make me fat' or a half heart with your initials engraved on it. Pleasure, passion and intimacy, that's what never fails. When you think of buying a Valentine's Day gift in a sex shop maybe you do not come more than two or three options in your head, but take a look without prejudice to discover a world as wide as surprising.

Remember, you can write the saddest verses tonight... or the hottest. You just have to set the mood. Attend to each of your senses. Dim the lights but not all the way, you don't want to miss her face. Start with a massage, did you know that there are creams to stimulate every part of the body? A cold roll on to erect her nipples, edible powders to go over her body, lip sprays and lip gloss for an indescribable oral sex, balms to enhance the sensitivity of the most erogenous zones, choosing will take you a while. If you combine these preliminaries with a blindfold or blindfold that covers her eyes the experience will be unforgettable. Promise.

Now we move on to toys. The purpose is to lengthen the pleasure until the urge commands. The possibilities are endless, we don't have to mention to you the clitoral suckers, more famous than Macaulay, but there are more. External vibrators, rampant bunnies to stimulate your G-spot and your clitoris at the same time, anal vibrators, vibrators to use during penetration as a couple, vibrating rings or masturbating eggs.

Whether you are accustomed to the delights of the complements in relationships or you have no idea what the word lubricant means, there is always something new to try, a new door to open, a new delicacy to savor. It's not all Netflix and fear death, this 2024 it's time to defend joy.

We like you moaning because you are very present and this Valentine's Day will rumble the mountains...

Valentine's Day 2024 Promotions at EroticFeel

This Valentine's Day, at EroticFeel, we want you to explore pleasure in a way you've never imagined before. From Sunday 4th February at 8pm until Wednesday 14th February at 11.59pm, we bring you a selection of promotions that will make this month of love unforgettable. Are you ready to dive into a sea of sensations and discover new horizons of pleasure? Read on and let yourself be seduced by our exclusive offers! Here they are:

  • Discounts of up to 60% on the entire website.
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  • A gift pack including LELO F1L Lubricant, LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle and LELO Hex Original Condoms (Box of 3) with the purchase of a selection of LELO products (Hugo, Tiani 2, Tiani 3, Tiani Duo, Tiani Harmony, Lily 2, Lily 3, Lyla 2, Smart Bead, Ella, Nea 2, Nea 3, Ida, Ida Wave, Smart Wand 2 Large, Smart Wand Medium and Smart Wand 2 Medium).

This Valentine's Day, let yourself be carried away by desire and curiosity. Dare to explore new territories of pleasure with EroticFeel. It's not just a promise of fun, it's an invitation to discover and rediscover yourself. Find the perfect gift for yourself or for that special someone and make this February 14th an unforgettable date - the flames of love and desire await you at EroticFeel!


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