Tenga Hole Lotion Real

Tenga Hole Lotion Real Lubricant

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Tenga wants you to enjoy their masturbators like never before. That's why they produce Real Tenga Hole Lotion. So, what's so special about this lube? It creates a powerful feeling of warmth — evoking real sexual encounters. What’s more, you may well think you've already experienced this feeling. Well, you're right! All the masturbators in the Tenga Air-Tech Series: Tenga Flip Zero, Tenga Flip Hole, Tenga Orb and Tenga Spinner include a sample of the potent Tenga Hole Lotion Real.

This lube contains 170 ml and is water-based. Its chemical formulation is the result of several in-depth studies to achieve a product that offers a silky, soft feel, with no stickiness. This ensures a long-lasting experience and a lubricant that's very easy to remove using water. Furthermore, it has a long nozzle for tidy, easy and precise application — ensuring that you use just the right amount of product.

Tenga Hole Lotion Real will undoubtedly be the best companion for your Tenga masturbator. However, Tenga don't recommend it for sex. Likewise, it’s not recommended to ingest it. If you're unsure if products like these could cause you to have an allergic reaction, we suggest that you first try a little on your arm.

Finally, if you want your Tenga Hole Lotion Real to last as long as possible, remember to store this lubricant at room temperature and keep it away from direct sunlight.

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