Edible Lubricant

Using your mouth to explore your partner's body will provide an even tastier treat. These water-based lubes will add more excitement and fun to your sexual encounters. Edible lube is perfectly safe to consume — devour and savour it in a million different ways. Don't make the pleasure wait any longer...

Lube makes sex more comfortable and enjoyable. Using flavoured lubricant takes this one step further and guarantees the most sumptuous sexual experience for all the senses. Apply, spread, rub and eat — if that's what you desire. Suck and lick like there's no tomorrow! In this section, we're going to tell you about some lube that you can (and definitely should!) eat safely. Is your mouth already watering? Well, relax — first we're going to explain a couple of things.

Edible flavoured lube — pleasure for all the senses.

Edible lube is not always the same thing as flavoured lube. Put simply, edible lubricant is made up of ingredients that you can ingest safely and they will do you no harm. Flavoured lube as the name suggests, is not only safe to eat, but it's also quite delicious (this depends on your preferences of course!). There are a countless number of flavours out there: chocolate, tropical fruits, strawberry, apple, etc. But beware — some flavoured lube on the market contains sugar. This means that they are only suitable to use for oral sex. if used for vaginal sex, the breakdown of these sugars can lead to fungal infections — especially candidiasis.

At EroticFeel's online sex shop, all our flavoured lubricants are sugar-free — so they can be used for oral, vaginal and anal sex. These lotions will add a big splash of fun and excitement to your sexual encounters.

Types of edible lubricant

As you'll see, we have edible flavoured lube, edible warming lube and edible neutral lube. Browse, compare and choose your favourite.

  • Durex Play Original

    The classic lubricant by Durex is non-greasy and non-sticky, and it can be ingested safely. We do not recommend eating it by the spoonful! However, there's absolutely no problem in having oral, vaginal and anal sex with it.

  • Durex Play Warming

    Durex Play Warming lube contains a special ingredient that warms up on contact with your skin. It's got a silky smooth texture and it’s suitable for oral, vagina and anal sex.

  • Durex Play Cherry

    This cherry-flavoured, sugar-free lubricant will add an exciting twist to your sexual encounters. It's suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex and can be used safely with all latex condoms. You’ll definitely as for a second helping!

  • Durex Play Eternal

    Although this might sound surprising, Durex Play Eternal is a silicone-based lubricant that can be consumed 100% safely. It lasts three times longer than water-based lubricants and is suitable for oral, vaginal and anal sex.

  • Durex Play Strawberry

    This delicious strawberry-flavoured, water-based lubricant is sugar-free and ideal for oral sex. But it's also entirely suitable for anal and vaginal sex as well. It’s compatible with all latex condoms.

  • Durex Play Tingle

    Durex Cold Effect Lubricant produces a pleasant tingling sensation that will excite any part of your body. Heighten your sensitivity and use it for both oral, vaginal and anal sex. Sign up for incredible new sensations.

  • Durex Play Real Feel

    The principal feature of this lubricant is its warming effect on contact. It also delivers a natural feeling of smoothness. The principal feature of this lubricant is its warming effect on contact. It also provides you with an incredibly natural feeling of smoothness. It's suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex and can be used safely with all latex condoms. So, now you know — lick like there's no tomorrow.

  • Durex Play Aloe Vera

    This exclusive formula, enriched with aloe vera, cares for and moisturises your skin and protects your mucous membranes. Can you ask for anything more? Now you can satisfy your innermost desires. Bon appetit!

The best edible lube brands at EroticFeel

At EroticFeel, we work with the most prestigious and highest quality brands. Durex, Satisfyer o Pjur Durex, Satisfyer and Pjur are world-renowned companies and among the best-selling brands in the industry. As you've already seen, Durex has a whole range of flavoured lubes that are specially designed for oral sex. However, the company clearly states that the vast majority of its gels and lubricants can be ingested safely — being suitable for anal, vaginal and oral sex.


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