Anal Lubricant

Enjoy anal sex with all of the pleasure and none of the pain. Since this area does not lubricate naturally, lube is essential when practising anal sex. Its formula is specially designed to relax and dilate the anus — so you can enjoy sex without any discomfort. Neutral, flavoured, climax delay... Choose the one you like best!

Choosing a good lubricant for anal sex is absolutely essential. It'll make penetration as painless and pleasurable as possible. Don't forget that the anus, unlike the vagina, doesn't lubricate naturally. So, a little help is needed if you want to avoid cuts and tears. Another important fact: saliva is not a lubricant. Write it down on a post-it note in capital letters! Although you may think it moistens the area, in actual fact it has the opposite effect — drying it out and making it susceptible to anal fissures. So know you know — no saliva! Although we probably don't have to mention it, other prehistoric tricks that you should avoid at all costs are olive oil and clove oil (or any other oil you're likely to find in your kitchen cupboards!)

Opt for a quality anal lubricant — one that is suitable for use with a condom (the fact that there's little chance of pregnancy doesn't mean we should forget about safe sex) Also, choose one which reduces discomfort during penetration and helps to dilate the anus. Just lube up and enjoy!

Lube for enjoy the best anal sex

Never run out of lube — that's the key to enjoying the best anal sex. As we've already mentioned, although it's highly sensitive and provides us with the most pleasurable sensations, the anus is not anatomically prepared for penetration. But don't fret — that's what lubricant is for! It's always best to use a generous amount of lube in this area to avoid pain and discomfort. You'll also be able to glide smoothly and delightfully towards your goal. As you'll see, there are various types of lubricant (water-based, oil-based, silicone based etc.) and many different brands. Always go for quality brands — don't be stingy with your pleasure or your body.

Anal lube

  • Durex Play Original

    Durex's classic water-based lubricant is completely suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex. Non- greasy and non-sticky — it has a light, smooth texture. Durex Play Original is ideal for use with all latex condoms and any sex toy.

  • Durex Play Cherry

    This cherry-flavoured lubricant is perfect for anal sex. Suitable for all latex condoms — use it where and when you want. Pleasure is guaranteed.

  • Durex Play Eternal

    Durex Play Eternal lubricant is silicone-based and lasts three times longer than water-based lube Suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex — it maximises the pleasure and duration of your sexual encounters. In case you had any doubts, despite this lubricant being made of silicone, it's perfectly suitable for use with latex condoms. Relax and enjoy unrestrained pleasure.

  • Durex Play Strawberry

    Do you like strawberries? Well, enjoy them all year round with this Durex lube. A delicious experience that will enhance vaginal, oral or anal intercourse. This Sugar-free and water-based lube is wholly suitable for use with any latex condom.

  • Durex Play Aloe Vera

    This water-based lubricant, enriched with aloe vera, cares for and moisturises your skin and prevents irritation and tearing. It can be used with all condoms and sex toys, and is suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex. Odourless, transparent and non-greasy.

Anal numbing lube

Most lubricants designed to numb the anus contain lidocaine or benzocaine. These are two local anaesthetics that help to desensitize the area. Pjur is the German brand that's renowned all over the world for its high-quality and reliable products. They're specialists in the production of lube for all kinds of people, practices and tastes. They've developed a unique range of lubricants and sprays designed for anal sex. They've replaced lidocaine and benzocaine with jojoba, panthenol or aloe vera for a more natural experience. Using these products reduces sensitivity without numbing or desensitizing the area.

What kind of lube is used to lubricate the anus?

Well, both silicone and water-based lotions can be used to lubricate the anus. Water-based lubricants will always be kinder to your body and to condoms. However, nowadays the vast majority of silicone lubricants are perfectly suitable for use with latex condoms. An advantage of silicone lube is its long-lasting effect — although now extra-concentrated, water-based alternatives are now available. These are superior to the water-based lube normally used for vaginal sex. If you want to add a tasty treat to the occasion, you can also go for flavoured lotions or gels.

Just to clear any doubts — all our anal lube is suitable for both men and women without distinction.

The best anal lube

Silicone-based, water-based, flavoured — you've already seen the wide variety available. No single one is better than another because everyone is different. Now all you've have left is to browse and choose the one that best suits your preferences and your body. Glide and enjoy!


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