How to squirt: the definitive guide

How to squirt: the definitive guide
EroticFeel 7/28/2022

We can start the article with a 'oh boy, what a squirt' or we can explain that we have come here to talk about secretions, specifically those produced by the female body during sexual stimulation. Anyway, for the first time and without precedent, we break a lance to ensure that although not everything you see in porn is true, in this case the squirt is as real as Nacho Vidal's penis. Maybe not as spectacular, but real.

However, neither women nor experts agree. The debate about its existence, and going a step further, about whether squirt and female ejaculation are the same phenomenon, is still not settled. Controversial as the ending of Lost or the presence of raisins in a trail mix, does the liquid that some women expel before or during orgasm come from the bladder or the Skene's glands, is it clear or whitish, does it indicate that they are enjoying themselves more or does it have nothing to do with it? Let's see.

What is squirt?

Have you ever had the feeling that you were going to pee during sexual stimulation or thought you had peed yourself leaving the bed soaking wet? Well, that's basically what squirt is. The term is English and literally means 'squirt'. It has become fashionable because of its depiction in pornographic films and, despite the lack of consensus, most studies on the subject confirm that it has nothing to do with female ejaculation.

Female ejaculation, documented in medical literature for over 2000 years, is not and does not have to be like male ejaculation. It would be aclear or whitish liquid very similar to vaginal discharge and is secreted in small quantities and in certain circumstances. Where does it come from? From what is often referred to as the 'female prostate', urethral glands also known as Skene's glands that are located around the urethra.It is expelled through the vagina, although it usually stays inside, and is more associated with the moment of climax than squirting.

Squirt, on the other hand, is a transparent liquid that, as demonstrated by the study conducted by Rubio-Casillas and Jannini, proceeds from the bladder and is expelled through the urethra in the form of an abundant stream. It has nothing to do with semen, it mainly contains dilute urine and, according to some experts, also prostatic secretions. It is completely odorless andcan occur during orgasm or independently of orgasm.

Is it a myth or a reality?

Myth is that the vitamins in orange juice go away if you don't drink it fast, squirt is real truth. And we don't say so ourselves. As explained by sexologist Lorena Berdún on a program of la Sexta Noche broadcast in 2019,it does exist, it is exactly "as if we pricked a balloon", not all women have it and it can be trained. Berdún also assured that it can happen once in your life and never happen again, so be careful not to become obsessed, because it does not necessarily mean more pleasure or a more intense orgasm. What is frankly fun is the path to try to get it.

Can you squirt alone?

There are things you can't do alone (synchronized swimming, arm wrestling, Dirty Dancing choreography) but squirt is not one of them. There are few pleasures that resist deft hands and a well-loaded toy. The lack of company also relieves the potential pressure to achieve it and removes any frustration. Although we must make it clear that it may never happen and that means absolutely nothing. What counts in this case is delighting in the ride.

How to squirting step by step

If Zamora didn't win in an hour, you're not going to achieve a squirt in fifteen minutes. Relax, dedicate time to yourself, go through you with care looking for the most sensitive areas to caresses, find the right pressure and movement to reach a point of excitement without return ... that is, the squirt requires exactly the same as any quality sexual stimulation.

Know your body in detail

This is the bare minimum, right? Knowing where everything is and what it's for is basic knowledge to enjoy our bodies. Explore yourself thoroughly, as if you were on vacation in a foreign city and didn't want to miss anything. Create the right environment. Every woman should know what she likes and in what way, but there are places that never disappoint. Nipples, inner thighs, labia and clitoris. Stop here for as long as you need, how long? A lot.

Masturbate a lot

That's where we are. Touching ourselves conscientiously, giving our fingers the strength and rhythm that arousal demands at every moment. After the external stimulation we give way to the internal one. Always use a water-based lubricant, it facilitates the sliding and enhances the sensations helping you in your task. Insert a couple of fingers into the vagina looking for the G-spot, remember that whether you believe in its existence or not, there is a rougher area on the front wall of the vagina and at a distance of between 3 and 5 centimeters from the vaginal opening that is especially sensitive to caresses.

Look for pleasure and not squirt. Fingertip massage should give way to light tapping. There may then come a time when a repentant urge to pee appears. It can also happen, and usually does, that the body reacts by avoiding it, so it is essential to reach a state of relaxation in which you can let yourself go.

Support yourself with sex toys

Never refuse the help of the right sex toy. And for the topic at hand the most suitable is a vibrator rampant rabbit specifically designed to simultaneously and effectively stimulate the G-spot and clitoris. Of course, always with lubricant, insert the insertable part of the toy into the vagina looking for the position that is most comfortable for you. Then let the outer arm rest on your clitoris and start the motor running, exploring the different patterns and intensities.

Don't rush, there's no hurry

You're not Cinderella and you don't have to be home by twelve o'clock, so relax. The key is to try and enjoy. It may happen today or it may never happen. Are you excited, are you having fun, do you feel the blood rushing like a torrent to your genitals and lubrication overflowing? Keep going, you're on the right track.

Our tips for getting a squirt

  • They say the watched pot never boils, so it's the same with this. Obsessing and getting frustrated will eliminate any chance of it happening.
  • Relax and get plenty of pleasure.
  • While internal stimulation is often the key to squirt, never forget the clitoris.
  • Use lube and your favourite sex toy.
  • Remember that every body is different.
  • If it doesn't happen today, try it tomorrow.
  • If you feel a sudden urge to pee during stimulation, don't panic or hold back.
  • And now, give your body some joy, my friend.


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