The Shunga were sexually-themed prints and engravings produced and traded in Japan in the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries. The company has rediscovered this historical Japanese culture of tolerance and sexual freedom, infusing it into their products. Now, Shunga is considered to be the best intimate cosmetics brand in the world. Massage oils, lube, candles, gels, shampoos, bath salts, creams, powders; even chocolate to spread, paint and lick off your partner's body. Exclusive products that delight even the most demanding consumers. Will you explore the world of Shunga with us?

Imagine this scene: a Japanese couple; a man and a woman, are caught up in a moment of pure passion. The sheets on which they lie have become entangled around their naked bodies in the frenzy. He penetrates her with a penis of magnificent proportions while a group of women, whose bodies are barely covered by their lightweight kimonos, contemplate the scene. The women, with their ample bosoms and enormous genitals on fine display, masturbate joyfully with looks of pure pleasure etched on their faces. This is a Shunga — a print made and traded in Japan in the XVI Century.

Let’s change the image: In the centre of the picture, Christ is dead; held by his father, sitting on a throne of clouds. They are accompanied by the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove and surrounded by a group of angels. The oil painting, called The Trinity and painted by El Greco, was made at the end of the 16th century in Europe.

Can art in one place be seen as pornography in another? Art, like beauty, morality or aesthetics, is not a universal concept and varies according to culture. Can you imagine the Puritans of 17th century England producing and freely consuming sexually explicit prints in which genitals were displayed in all their glory? Indeed, there's no need to even go that far back in time. While the great works of art in Europe were dominated by royalty or religious iconography, engravings that served as a manuals for prostitutes and newly-weds were triumphing in Japan.

Shunga — art or pornography? It depends on your perspective.

It's an example of how the perception of the same object varies depending on where you gaze at it from. Shunga first made its way to England in the early 1600s, via the English East India Company – but, according to Katie Engelhart in The Guardian, “When the photos surfaced in London, outraged company officials set them ablaze”.

Understanding the history, symbolism, and importance that these prints had in 16th, 17th, and 18th century Japan is vital to understanding the philosophy of Shunga — the best intimate cosmetics brand on the market. The literal meaning of Shunga is 'image of spring’ — a euphemism for sex. Shunga have taken inspiration from the original artwork, which not only serves as an ode to carnal joy and a celebration of erotic play; it also celebrates comedy and life itself. Everything from the most inoffensive masturbation scenes to massive orgies are featured in Shunga art. It's common to see dildos (harikatas) being used in many prints and even the theme of zoophilia is not taboo. In a famous print called 'The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife', a woman is depicted taking delight in an act of cunnilingus with a giant octopus.

Sex as part of life or life as part of sex?

The illustrations were of great quality and made by the most illustrious artists of the time. They were a variation on the ukiyo-e (prints representing landscapes, popular figures of the time or scenes of everyday life), and they often featured subtle criticism of Japanese society Sex and subversive humour — is there anything more entertaining? Of course, the popular classes in Japan were hooked. Shunga for them represented sexual freedom. It was their first experience with pornography — something that they could contemplate and enjoy. Sex as part of life. Or life as part of sex.

The sex concealed satires of traditional legends, amorous intrigues, references to public figures of the time, and even criticism of religion (it's common to find the depiction of a lewd monk in many sex scenes). A Japanese mix of Playboy and Vanity Fair — but much wilder and more entertaining. It wasn't only used as pornography, but also as an amulet by warriors, as a souvenir of a visit to the brothels, and as a Karma Sutra to teach prostitutes and newly married couples the latest techniques.

The best way to really get to know a society is through sex — how it is practised and how it is discussed. How a society acts behind closed doors is often very different from the image it sells to the outside world. The example of Japanese society in this department is peculiar to say the least. After being traded freely for centuries, the repression arrived. Shunga was labelled as obscene and forbidden by law.

The prohibition and vindication of Shunga

It's a curious fact that in a country with a sex industry that generates billions of yen a year; one so varied and eccentric that it covers all kinds of paraphilias, the genitals can never be shown. No genitals in drawings, nor in movies — a sex toy cannot even resemble anything close to a penis or vagina. In films, magazines and illustrations, they appear pixelated, and in massage parlors (another good euphemism), prostitution does not exist — as long as there's no penetration. Other practices, with or without a happy ending, are completely legal — for men, of course. Because the Japanese sex industry has, almost exclusively, been created for men's enjoyment (with some exceptions like the excellent Iroha). The woman is the instrument.

But, going back to Shunga — it's prohibition didn't achieve the desired goals (it rarely does), and Shunga art didn't disappear. It continued to be in demand, so artists carried on producing pictures. The only difference was that they could no longer sign their work, although the most well-known artists used some kind of distinctive mark that identified them as the authors.

As history shows, a society doesn't always advance. It can go in the direction it so chooses (or some people choose). The creators of Shunga chose to be inspired by this Japanese art form, by the sexual freedom and the philosophy of pleasure for all. Sadly, the Shunga, were later condemned to ostracism in their homeland, but that didn't stop it from influencing a whole host of artists overseas. Western artists such as Picasso, Van Gogh, Rodin, Toulouse-Lautrec, Félicien Rops or Monet disovered Shunga in thier day and some even became real fans and enthusiastic collectors. Picasso, for example, kept 61 Shunga prints in his home, which would serve as a source of inspiration for him in his later years.

Little by Little, Japanese society has began to reclaim its art. The references to Shunga are palpable in modern-day anime and manga, and exhibitions of these prints have become very popular in recent years. However, perhaps we aren’t as modern as we think. We still carry with us the taboos of the past, which are much more difficult to break than they may seem. The Eisei Bunko Museum in Tokyo hosted the first Shunga exhibition in the country in 2015 — only after it was rejected by 10 other organisations. Two years earlier, when the British Museum took the exhibition “Shunga: Sex and Pleasure in Japanese Art”, To London, many critics objected to the museum's decision on the grounds that the artwork outraged public decency. Are we uncomfortable with explicit sex scenes in a museum or are we uncomfortable with sex? Is it the place or is it the art itself that is inappropriate for some?

Shunga, the best intimate cosmetics brand

“Entering the erotic world of Shunga is like travelling back in time”, is how the company puts it on their website. And they're right. The Canadian firm has rediscovered the historical Japanese culture of tolerance and sexual freedom and infused it into their brand. That's why, in addition to the name, each one of their products (and there are many), is illustrated with a Shunga print. Shunga enters through your eyes and becomes your favourite brand due to its quality and originality.

Its oriental aesthetics are a celebration of desire, self-care and sensuality. Massage oils, lube, candles, gels, shampoos, bath salts, creams, powders, even chocolate bottles to spread, paint and lick off your partner's body. Exclusive products that delight even the most demanding consumers. Will you travel the world of Shunga with us?

Shunga, pleasure for the senses

Touch, smell, taste, sight — Shunga takes care of everything. With oriental aesthetics and inspired by the Far East, all the brand's products are made in Canada with high quality raw materials. Premium products to enjoy erotic play, sex in its broadest sense — touching, smelling, licking and caressing. Delights created to enjoy slowly and heighten your senses, so that you can savour the occasion and revel in the beauty of each other's bodies.

Shunga's most acclaimed products

Can you imagine a cream that enhances your orgasms, taking you to the limits of pleasure? Specially designed to increase the sensitivity of the clitoris, with the Secret Garden erotic cream by Shunga, every caress, every kiss and every touch will be intensified and culminate in a breathtaking climax. Water-based, containing L-arginine (which has a stimulating and vasodilatory effect), and natural extracts that relax the walls of the vagina; apply some to the clitoral area and get ready for the magic to happen. This stimulating lotion for topical use is completely safe to use with latex. It will exceed all your expectations.

What about a gel to stimulate the penis and clitoris at the same time? Lotus Noir Biostimulating Shunga Gel intensifies both the male and female orgasm. Made with certified organic ingredients, just a few drops will be enough to penetrate the skin of your erogenous zones with a gentle massage. It's hot-cold thermal effect and the tingling feeling it will give you will do the rest.

Blindfold your partner, light the candle and let its aroma stimulate your senses. Now pour the warm wax over your partner's body. No, it doesn't burn. As it melts, the wax transforms into a massage oil. A perfect 2 for 1 for the most erotic and stimulating caresses. Exotic fruits, roses, vanilla, coconut, chocolate, green tea, sparkling strawberry wine — which aroma will you choose for your romantic evening?

After the massage, how about a cream to stimulate your G-spot — increasing its sensitivity to achieve much more intense orgasms? Doesn't sound bad at all. Rain of Love cream by Shunga will give you sensations that you've never experienced before and it's totally compatible with latex. Alone or with a partner, apply a few drops in the desired area and prepare yourself for what's about to arrive.

Maybe you're looking for something to increase the potency and duration of your erections. Well, Shuga has it and it's called Dragon Virility Cream. Formulated from natural extracts and compatible with any latex condom, apply a few drops to the head and the shaft of your penis and feel its powerful sensations.

We admit it — this is one of our favourite products. Body paint to decorate your lover's skin. Tickles, caresses, and of course — mouthfuls. Because it's totally edible and available in dark chocolate, white chocolate, vanilla or strawberry sparkling wine flavour. It's a tough choice. We want them all! By the way, Shunga's edible body paint is vegan, gluten free and has no artificial colourings. Healthy, delicious, and with a paintbrush included!

Hold Me Tight cream by Shunga will help you to tone your pelvic floor. Yes, that's right. It’s perfect to strengthen your vaginal muscles — enhancing firmness and elasticity. What's more, it increases sensitivity during sex, prevents vaginal infections and facilitates natural lubrication. Apply it in your intimate area and massage. Of course, you can also use it with your Kegel balls for a more complete training experience. An authentic miracle product.

Have you heard of oriental body-to-body massage? We’ll tell you all about it. The exotic fruits gel set by Shunga includes everything you need. Two bottles to prepare the mixture and a large sheet that promises plenty of passion. Poor the gel over your naked bodies and use your imagination. It has an immediate aphrodisiac effect. Smooth movements and caresses for an unforgettable erotic experience.

Toko Lubricants by Shunga

New flavours, new opportunities. Shunga has started the revolution of intimate lubricant. Toko Aroma have been created to emulate natural lubrication. With a water-based formula, a ultra-silky smooth texture and a lasting effect, they care for and hydrate the skin, and are completely compatible with latex condoms and sex toys. Gluten and sugar free, and suitable for vegans, they're the only flavoured lubricants that don't leave a bad taste in the mouth if they're ingested. Cherry, strawberry sparkling wine, exotic fruits, melon and mango, orange, grapes, maple syrup, and pear and green tea. You’ll want to try them all!

Do you prefer something completely natural? Nothing better than Toko Aqua by Shunga. It's water-based, with natural ingredients, silky-smooth texture and a lasting effect. This lubricant imitates natural lubricant, it's flavourless, odourless and it doesn't stain! It goes without saying that's it's also vegan; pareben, gluten, and sugar free; and it's totally suitable for any latex condom or sex toy. It lubricates, hydrates and protects your skin.

Do you fancy a sex session under the water? Well, there's nothing better than Toko Silicone. lube. With a velvety touch and a very long-lasting effect, it can also be used as a massage gel and is compatible with any latex condom. And if you're one of those that only goes for organic products, then choose Toko Organic by Shunga. Made from pure vegetable glycerin and natural corn derivatives, no chemical process is used during plant cultivation or the refining process. Gluten and sugar free, it's soluble in water and protects the skin of your intimate area and your vaginal flora.

Shunga massage oils and creams

Green tea, sweet almond, chocolate, coconut, rose petals, organge, lavender and peach — Shunga has more than ten different massage oils.. Delicious aromas and slippery textures to heighten your senses during a sensual and intoxicating massage. Vegan, sugar-free, dermatologically tested and made with natural and relaxing ingredients — you’ll like them so much, you’ll want to eat them up! . But don't get too carried away, these aren't edible!

Edible massage creams that are sugar free? You bet! Shung have such an extensive catalogue that these delicacies couldn't be missing. Body lotions that stimulate your senses, hydrate your skin and leave it feeling silky-smooth. Containing antioxidants and vitamin E, they can also be eaten! Sparkling strawberry wine, chocolate, exotic fruits, raspberry, green tea, cherry and vanilla — flavours and aromas that will make you completely irresistible. Their water-based formulas are gluten and pareben free, and also suitable for vegans. Touch, caress, lick, explore — can you think of any other ways to kick off the erotic fun?

Aphrodisiac oils

Create the atmosphere, get comfortable, and choose the aroma. Stimulating like exotic fruits? Exciting like chocolate? Sensual like strawberries? Shunga brings you ten aphrodisiac oils(cherry, chocolate, exotic fruits, raspberry, strawberry, mint, orange, grape, vanilla and green tea) designed to heighten sensations in the erogenous zones of both men and women. With their thermal effect; these oils, which are compatible with latex condoms and sex toys, will play the leading role in your most pleasurable moments. They're gluten and sugar free, contain only 100% natural ingredients, they're edible and they're suitable for vegans.

Shunga Body Powders

Exciting edible body powders that’ll make your lover tingle with pleasure. First sprinkle over your partner's body, spread using the brush provided — and then use a feather, your hands or your tongue to reach every last little bit. Available in a range of flavours; honey, cherry, exotic fruits, raspberry, and sparkling strawberry wine, the caresses will be delicious and the pleasure will be slow but intense. Do you want to escape the monotony?

Lip gloss for the most incredible oral sex

Give and receive orgasms with the lip gloss Divine Oral Pleasure by Shunga. With a thermal cold-hot effect and available in coconut and strawberry sparkling wine flavour, smear your lips and give your partner the most amazing oral sex of their life. Gluten and sugar-free, it's 100% vegan and can be used with sex toys and condoms. Maximise the sensation of pleasure and the sensitivity of your genital areas. For the most incredible kisses — are you up for it?

Shunga bath salts for the most lustful (and luxurious) bathing experiences

Who would turn down a sensual and relaxing bath? Shunga, inspired by the tradition of the ‘Japanese Love Baths’, has created a range of bath salts so that can enjoy a new, delightful experience. These aphrodisiac additives, available with different scents and colours, exfoliate and hydrate your skin — leaving it smooth and perfumed. Pour the contents in hot water and enjoy — alone or with a partner — this incredible sensory experience with its therapeutic properties. Spoil yourself.

Shunga Gift Sets

To make your life easier, to spoil yourself, or to give a special someone the best gift in the world, Shunga has put together a series of fantastic product sets. Garden of Edo is an organic collection that includes five different products (green tea massage oil, Toko organic lubricant, Dead Sea bath salts, a pure vegetable glycerine and natural corn derivatives lubricant, and Lotus Noir sensitising gel). All of these products are made with organic ingredients. Spoil yourself with the best of mother nature during your most intimate moments.

If you're looking for a collection of aphrodisiac items to enhance your sex life, the Geisha Secrets Strawberry Sparkling Wine Set, will stimulate your senses and encourage you to partake in new and more appetising erotic play. It's handy size is perfect for accompanying you on your most pleasurable excursions and contains a whole host of wonderful delicacies: strawberry sparkling wine massage oil, aphrodisiac heat effect oil, Romance massage candle, Toko Aqua lubricant, and Dragon cream. All these products will ensure that your vitality does not fail you even when you're at your most exhausted. The Geisha Secrets Kit is also available in an organic version and includes: organic massage oil, aphrodisiac heat effect oil, Zenitude massage candle, Toko Organic organic lubricant and Lotus Noir sensitizing couples’ gel.

Original, attractive, sensual and of the highest quality, Shunga's intimate cosmetics collection is a gift for each one of the senses. Heighten and enhance your and your partner's sexual desire, take care of your mind and body, and enjoy sex. As you already know, we've only got one life — but good sex makes it last longer. What are you waiting for? Don't lose sight of this brand, it’ll bring you great joy. Word of geisha.


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