Edible Powders

We have something special for your days of voracious desire and insatiable appetite — edible powders. Different colours and delicious flavours to sprinkle and lick off another's body. We promise you that losing your senses can be a lot of fun. Bon appétit!

We have something for you. For those days of voracious desire and insatiable appetite. For those nights when you want to taste every inch of their body — with desire, with greed, with longing. For when the nights are filled with moans and desire dictates your every move. Or for when you want to ignite that desire, because let's be honest — losing your senses can be very enjoyable.

This is our proposal — delicious edible powders to sprinkle and lick. Turn their body into a canvas and give yourself up to the pleasure of touching and tasting.

The best edible powders at EroticFeel

In our onlne sex shop, you'll find the best edible powders so you can give free rein to your passion. Elaborated from honey extracts, Shunga Sweet Snow Body Powder is completely safe and gentle on the skin. It's completely suitable to apply on your erogenous zones and on your most sensitive parts. This powerful aphrodisiac leaves the skin soft, perfumed and stimulated.

The edible powders of this pioneering Canadian brand of erotic cosmetics are available in five different flavours: Blazing Cherry, Raspberry Filling, Exotic Fruits, Honey of the Nymphs and Sparkling Strawberry Wine. A real treat for the senses. That's a promise.

Coloured edible powders for an evening of eroticism

Shunga think of everything and take care of all the senses. Of course, these powders are a treat for the eyes too. Painting your body with suggestive colours is all part of the erotic experience. As we've mentioned, edible powders have different flavours and each is associated with a different colour — from the mildest brown to the deepest red. Which one would you like to start with?

How do I use edible body powders?

Open them up and sprinkle them all over your partner's skin. You'll find a feather tickler with the Shunga Sweet Snow Body Powder that'll make your task easier. Gently caress, stroke and make your partner tingle with pleasure. Next, use your mouth and your hands. For how long? Until you’re not hungry any more. If you want to enhance the sensations, cover your partner's eyes with an eyemask or a blindfold and bon appétit!


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