Shunga Sweet Snow Body Powder Honey of the Nymphs Edible Body Powder

Shunga Sweet Snow Body Powder Edible Body Powder

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You wake up in the middle of the night with a ferocious appetite. What could be better than a midnight feast from your partner's naked body? Tell your lover; words laden with intentions have a powerful aphrodisiac effect. Yes, they already have that taste and smell that drives you wild with desire, but a smattering of sweetness makes it even better. Open your Shunga Sweet Snow Body Powder and sprinkle it over every inch of your partner's skin. Now, use the feather to tickle and tease until your lover can't take any more. Soon, the feather won't be enough — you'll use your hands, your lips, your tongue... Sometimes you don't need to plan every detail down to the last millimetre. Hunger doesn't always warn you beforehand, and you can't go knocking at your neighbour's door at 3 o'clock in the morning to borrow some. Want some advice? Always keep these edible powders handy, you never know when your appetite will kick in.

Formulated with honey extract these light powders are available in five different flavours (raspberry, sparkling strawberry wine, exotic fruits, cherry and honey) — a veritable treat for your senses. Your smell, your taste, your touch, your sight. Life isn't not all about having an agenda to complete every day. Why be in a hurry to finish something enjoyable?

How do you use Shunga Sweet Snow Body Powder?

Gently sprinkle the powder over your partner's skin with the help of the feather — take your time and focus on their erogenous zones. Stroke, touch, suck, lick and do whatever else comes to mind. Explore your lover's body, awakening their desire — and yours.

Main features of Shunga's edible honey powders:

  • Made with honey extract.
  • Edible
  • Completely safe for the skin.
  • Suitable for erogenous zones and the most sensitive skin.
  • Available in five different flavours: Raspberry Feeling, Sparkling Strawberry Wine, Exotic Fruits, Blazing Cherry, and Honey of the Nymphs.
  • Leaves skin soft, perfumed and stimulated.
  • Includes velvet bag and feather.
  • Size: 228 g.

How will you have the perfect evening tonight? How will you set the mood? How will you enjoy the most intense pleasure?

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