More intense, more powerful, longer-lasting orgasms. How? With the Lelo Beads, the world's most famous and best-selling Chinese balls. You can choose between the Lelo Luna Beads Classic, the Lelo Luna Beads Mini, and the Lelo Luna Beads Noir. Looking for something more sophisticated? Perhaps the Lelo Luna Smart Bead is for you, a next-generation vibrating egg equipped with touch sensors that automatically respond to your movements, selecting the most suitable Kegel exercise routine for you. The future is here. Whatever your choice, in this section, you will find all the Luna Beads available in the market. Still undecided? Let us explain their differences.

The Lelo Beads Classic consist of two sets of spheres in pink and blue, ideal for women over 30 or who have gone through a pregnancy. With a diameter of 35 millimeters and different weights, you can interchange and combine them for a perfect training. For women under 30 who have never given birth, Lelo has launched the Lelo Luna Beads Mini - exquisite and with an internationally award-winning and recognized design. Their diameter is smaller than that of the Lelo Beads Classic. Beautiful and elegant, those who bet everything on black will undoubtedly opt for the Lelo Luna Beads Noir.

Enhance your lubrication, your desire, your climaxes, and strengthen your vaginal muscles with Lelo's Chinese balls, with Lelo Beads, pleasure, health, and elegance go hand in hand.


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