Lelo Ben Wa Balls

Toning the pelvic floor, increasing the intensity and duration of orgasms, preventing urinary leaks, or controlling your muscles, kegel balls are one of those items that should be mandatory for all women. Whether to use them or not is not up for debate, the answer is yes. The question is, standard ones or luxury ones? And here, you decide. Lelo, the Swedish luxury brand, has designed the most famous and best-selling kegel balls in the world.

Classic ones, mini ones, in black for the more sophisticated ones, in this section, you will find exactly what you are looking for - all the kegel balls that Lelo has released on the market. Do we have the Luna Smart Bead? Please... This vibrating egg responds to your movements thanks to its touch sensors, automatically selecting the most suitable Kegel exercise routine for you. A true personal pleasure trainer.

Different types of kegel balls for different types of women. Which one will you choose?



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