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As you would expect, this popular product from the Japanese brand Tenga had to be at EroticFeel. Yes, we're talking about the incredibly famous masturbation eggs by Tenga.This adult toy has revolutionized the way we understand male masturbation.

On the outside, they're are shaped just like an egg, but inside— they're a real treasure trove of surprises. There are 6 different designs and each one has a particular texture that provides unique stimulation. However, they all work in the same way and have the following shared features:

  • All Tenga Eggs are single-use masturbators. This means that the product is not reusable in any way.
  • Each comes with a bag of lubricant inside.
  • Tenga Eggs are made of elastomer — an extremely flexible material. This makes these sex toys suitable for any penis size and provide a soft and moist feel.
  • Its measurements are 7 cm long and 5 cm wide. Just like a real egg! This discreet size also means you can carry them anywhere.

Using a Tenga Egg is very simple. Just remove the wrapper and open the shell. Inside you'll find your masturbator egg and inside that, there's a a sachet of lubricant. Take it out, open it and pour its contents — both inside your egg and around the opening. Now, just place it on your penis and slide up and down.

We told you that there were 6 different types of Tenga Eggs, right? At EroticFeel — we've got them all! Tenga Eggs are divided into two series — Regular and Strong. Here you can find all six Tenga Eggs from the Regular series. These are the smoothest and immersive Tenga Eggs (Wavy, Clicker, Spider, Twister, Stepper and Silky). Below, we'll decribe them in more detail!

Tenga Egg Wavy masturbator

The texture of the Tenga Egg Wavy is made up of a multi-wave pattern. This arrangement follows the form of the egg — so the larger and thicker waves are at the base, while the smaller ones are at the top. Plus, it's one of the slimmest eggs, providing a greater sense of tightness. And don't worry, it might be the tightest one — but it’ll adapt perfectly to your penis.

Tenga Egg Clicker masturbator

The Tenga Egg Clicker gets its great stimulating powers from its design which features an array of different sized spheres. This means you get dynamic stimulation in all directions. And if you want even more pleasure, rotate your Tenga Egg Clicker It’ll amaze you!

Tenga Egg Spider masturbator

This masturbator egg has a web structure and a mesh texture. You'll enjoy all-round, multi-directional stimulation that delivers amazing sensations with every stroke.

Tenga Egg Twister masturbator

Tengo Egg Twister creates an incredible spiral effect thanks to its highly-original design. It's made up of waves that narrow at the top — delighting you with every stroke.

Tenga Egg Stepper masturbator

This egg is the best for bi-directional stimulation. How does it achieve this? It has an internal structure made up of lots of little wedges. Some of them are upward facing, while others face downwards.

Tenga Egg Silky masturbator

This masturbator egg has a texture based on randomly intertwined ribs. This produces a smooth, pleasant sensation that's remarkably similar to oral sex.

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