Tenga 3D Pile Masturbator 2

Tenga 3D Pile Masturbator

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If you don't see the relationship between art and sexual pleasure, it's because you haven't come across the Tenga 3D collection yet. Five masturbators, five structures — five textures for five different sensations. What can geometry bring to your sex life? You might never have imagined it, but the answer is intense stimulation brimming with mind-blowing, contrasting sensations. The shapes that adorn the exterior will determine the type of stimulation you'll receive. Just change the angle, turn it inside out, and enjoy! Are you looking for a pleasure that will take you to an exhausted climax? Well, you should go for the Tenga 3D Pile.

Its stacked triangular protrusions at the base become more pronounced as they become more spaced out towards the tip. The Tenga 3D Pile offers progressive stimulation that blends very gentle sensations with very intense ones.

How do you use the Tenga 3D Pile?

At last it's yours. It’s just arrived and you can't wait to use it. The answer couldn't be more obvious. Open the box, remove the product from the base and turn it inside out. The stunning exterior design then becomes the internal texture that will take you to heaven. As you can see, it includes a single dose of lubricant, open it and apply it to the inside of the masturbator. Now you're are all set; penetrate while squeezing to get the air out. Your new toy is completely manual, move it at the speed and with the intensity you desire at each moment.

Once you've finished, turn your Tenga 3D back around to wash it with warm water and neutral soap, and place it on the base again until it's dry. When it's completely dry (never before) cover it until the next party.

The Japanese brand recommends using Tenga 3D with its Hole Lotion lubricants. In any case, never use oil-based lubricants, oily lotions or silicone-based lubricants, as they are likely to damage the product and deform it, leaving it unusable.

Main features of the Tenga 3D Pile:

  • Masturbator with 3D structure made up of triangular protrusions at the base that become more pronounced as they become more spaced out towards the tip.
  • Manual device.
  • The key is to turn it inside out.
  • Textured interior.
  • Made of AG elastomer, which is totally body-safe and antibacterial.
  • Very stretchy.
  • Silky-smooth to the touch.
  • Reusable up to 50 times.
  • Use in combination with Tenga's Hole Lotion lubricant (avoid oily and silicone lubricants).
  • Insertable length: 13 cm (5.1").
  • Insertable width: 4 cm (1.6"). 

Pleasure like you've never imagined. Are you up for it?

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