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Tenga Egg Keith Haring Masturbator

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If you want to enjoy your sexuality in a free, enriching, and uninhibited way, these Keith Haring masturbator eggs by Tenga are for you. It's a product that was conceived from the belief that enjoying your sexuality is essential for a full, healthy and happy life.

Wait a minute... perhaps you don't know who Keith Haring is. But we're certain that his shapes and figures are familiar to you. Keith Haring was indeed a great artist. In fact, he might be one of the most important of the 20th century. He's a key figure in understanding the culture of the 1980’s. Walls and sidewalks were his canvasses. His story begins in the early 80's when Haring used markers and chalk to decorate spaces that had been reserved for advertising in the New York Subway. Some time later, and after it was shown in several galleries, his art started to be more widely appreciated. After all, his work had always been guided by the same principles: He wanted to make his art as accessible as possible and he used it to spread important social and political messages. Haring’s artworks were always colourful and animated, featuring energetic figures in motion and catchy slogans.

Sadly, Haring didn't live long enough to see how popular and influential his art would become. He was diagnosed with HIV in 1988 and died two years later. Prior to his death, he established the Keith Haring Foundation, whose main mission is to provide funding and support for AIDS organizations — ensuring that this great artist's legacy endures indefinitely. And this is where Tenga's colloboration with the Keith Haring Foundation comes in. Currently, a portion of the company's profits are donated to the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention (JFAP).

Well, now Tenga are giving you the opportunity to enjoy their unique and famous Tenga eggs in a format that pays tribute to the popular American artist. More specifically, there are three special edition masturbation eggs available. On the outside, each of them features a different Keith Haring design. They’re all different on the inside as well. We'll introduce them to you below:

Tenga Egg Keith Haring Street masturbator

Inspired by the slogan "Feel the rush of the street", the Keith Haring Street Tenga Egg delivers rapid and powerful stimulation thanks to its grooved internal structure. Its unique design features strong details and energetic contrasts

Tenga Egg Keith Haring Dance masturbator

Tenga Egg Keith Haring Dance is a tribute to those never-ending New York nights. Its textured pattern, made up of delicate grooves, will ensure you enjoy a smooth and incredibly satisfying masturbation experience. Its message is very clear: “Dance the night away”.

Tenga Egg Keith Haring Party masturbator

The Tenga Egg Keith Haring Party masturbator egg's stimulating power comes from its finely detailed texture. This slowly but surely builds your excitement until you're brimming with pleasure. Its slogan? “Let's get the party started.”

Keith Haring masturbator eggs are made of exactly the same material and work just like the rest of the Tenga Eggs This means the following:

  1. They're made of medical grade elastomer, which makes them completely body-safe. This flexible material has incredible stretchy properties and adapts easily to any size and shape. Did you know it can even cover a half-litre plastic bottle completely?
  2. To use it, simply remove the plastic wrapping and open the shell. Inside, you'll find your masturbator egg, which also contains a packet of lubricant. We recommend spreading the lubricant both inside the egg and around the opening for enhanced stimulation.
  3. These types of masturbators are for single use only. Whether you ejaculate inside or not, they shouldn't used more than once for hygiene reasons.
  4. A typical masturbator egg has similar measurements to those of a real egg: 7 cm long and 5 cm wide It's small size means you can take it with you anywhere.
  5. You put it on like you're putting on a condom — starting at the tip of the penis and rolling it down to the base. From then on — it's completely up to you. You choose the stroking speed, pressure and intensity. Listen to your body and experiment.

Don't miss out on these new Tenga products. Enjoy the incredible feel of a Tenga Egg that's adorned with the artwork of famed artist Keith Haring and donate to the Japan Foundation for AIDS Prevention (JFAP) at the same time.

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