Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush

Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush Masturbator

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Fun as well as elegant. That is how the Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush has been designed.. Did you think that this Japanese sex toy company could no longer amaze you? These new masturbators from Tenga are here to prove you wrong.

We know you'll find its blue and white hourglass-shaped ABS case particularly striking. But the really interesting thing is found inside. For this edition, Tenga have arranged a series of poly-carbonate spheres along the length and width of the masturbator and covered them with their trademark soft elastomer. These orbs are flexible and ripple as you pass through and when combined with a wavy and grooved texture, you'll experience a whole new world of sensations. Remember to apply plenty of lubricant to both the insertion hole and the internal body of your Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush before immersing yourself in it. Your masturbator includes samples of Hole Lotion Real, which the Japanese company recommends using. However, it's compatible with any water-based lubricant.

How is the Tenga Flip Orb Blue Rush masturbator used?

First of all, simply remove the cover and unfold the device. Once you've opened it, don't skimp on the lube!. Make sure you lube up all the little textured details as well. You may experience discomfort if you don't apply enough —and we're all here to have a good time, right? Close the device, making sure you replace the cap until it clicks into place and enjoy your Flip Orb Blue Rush! At EroticFeel, we suggest that you experiment with the pressure to experience a range of stimulation intensities and discover which you like best.

Has your pleasure session reached its tremendous climax? Cleaning Flip Orb Blue Rush by Tenga couldn't be easier. Do you remember the steps you followed when applying lube? Well, you should go through those same steps; only when you flip-open the device this time, you should use plenty of warm water and neutral soap. Never use alcohol or other household cleaning products, as they may damage the product. Once it's clean, place it on top of the cap while still open and let it air-dry. It's important that you do not close nor store the device until it is fully dry. To store, simply close the device and replace the cap so that it's covering the entry hole.

We'd like to give you a warm welcome to a new era of solo pleasure!

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