Tenga Flip Zero Electronic Vibration Male Masturbator

Tenga Flip Zero Electronic Vibration Masturbator

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Tenga have only gone and done it again. Their loyal customers can't help but be amazed by their latest innovation!

This reusable Flip Zero Electronic Vibration masturbator may remind you of other products in the Flip series — either by the look of its case or by its measurements (insertion depth of approximately 16 cm/6.3" and width of 5 cm/1.97"). However, don't let its look deceive you. Previous masturbators from the leading brand in male sex toys were already extraordinary. But this time they've been equipped with the latest in vibration technology. The Japanese company have positioned two vibrating cores under their characteristic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) sleeve. One of these cores is found in the middle, while the other is at the top. Not only does this strategic placement enable direct stimulation of two sensitive areas, it also ensures that vibrations are felt along the whole length and width of the masturbator

How does the Flip Zero Electronic Vibration masturbator system actually work?

You'll find a button at the top. Press it for two to three seconds and the vibrations will be activated. The Flip Zero Electronic Vibration by Tenga has five different vibration modes. To change mode, simply press this same button again. If you want the vibrations to stop, press the button again for two to three seconds and the motors will deactivate.

Here are the vibration modes that Tenga puts at your fingertips with their Flip Zero Electronic Vibration:

  • Mode 1: Consists of a continuous, rumbly, low-power vibration.
  • Mode 2: Vibration remains constant — but it's much more powerful.
  • Mode 3: Delivers powerful, regular pulses to your penis.
  • Mode 4: The vibrations alternate between the two motors situated at both ends of the device.
  • Mode 5: This is the most unpredictable mode of them all. It's a random combination of all the previous ones. Experiment with the intensity and location of the vibrations for intense and thrilling stimulation.

At EroticFeel, we recommend that you do not lift the slide arms during use, especially if vibration is activated. Opening the product will cause the vibration to stop and may lead to fluid leakage. It also doesn't deactivate the device, so even with the arms open, it'll still be using up battery power. This Tenga product is designed to last approximately 40 minutes after 90 minutes of charging time.

Did you know that the Flip Zero Electronic Vibration can be charged while it's drying? Although the USB charging dock is not waterproof — a few drops won't do it any harm. After washing your masturbator thoroughly with warm water and neutral soap, wipe off as much moisture as possible from the internal chamber and then leave it to charge.

Are you ready to experience a new dimension of pleasure?

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