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Tenga Spinner 02 Tetra Masturbator

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The Tenga Spinner 02 Hexa masturbator has arrived at EroticFeel with its incredible twisting effect. And, what is that exactly? The Spinner 02 Hexa is features an internal coil. This allows the Tenga Spinner 02 Hexa to twist when the penis is inserting — creating mind-blowing sensations.

But this isn't the only secret behind the Spinner 02 Hexa. One of the key benefits of this sex toy is that it's a reusable masturbator.. Yes, you read that correctly. From the outside, it may remind you of the Japanese company's famous Tenga Eggs, which are single-use sex toys. However, we are delighted to inform you that you're looking at a masturbator that you can use on several occasions. What's more, the Tenga Spinner 02 Hexa is incredibly easy to clean. Just use use warm water and neutral soap. However, keep in mind that you must dry it as well. The bottom cover of the product doubles as a drying case for hygienic drying.

Its tighter fit and arrangement of hexagonal tiles ensure extra-strong stimulation. However, whether you're into gentler or harder stimulation — there's a Tenga Spinner for everyone! What's more, all of them have received awards in the German Red Dot Awards 2019 edition; specifically, in the category of 'Product Design'. A jury of international experts deemed the outstanding design of these masturbators to be worthy of such recognition.

Tenga's Spinner 02 Hexa is made of elastomer — a very flexible material that adapts to any penis. (If you're curious about the measurements, these are 13 cm (5.1") long and 4.5 cm (1.8") wide. However, the insertion measurements may be increased due to its enormous flexibility. Its maximum insertion depth is 17 cm (6.7"), while its maximum insertion width is 5 cm (2.5"). It boasts an ergonomic shape.

To use it, first remove the protective plastic wrapping and open the grey case. Inside, you'll find your Spinner 02 Hexa masturbator along with a sample of Tenga Hole Lotion Real lubricant. Apply it generously both on the inside and around the entry hole of your Spinner 02 Hexa and enjoy a perfect masturbation experience.

Remember to use water-based lubricant every time you use your Tenga Spinner 02 Hexa masturbator. This is a must if you want to experience the most satisfying sensations.

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