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Tenga Spinner 01 Tetra Masturbator

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Yes, we know. You love the gel texture that Tenga provides in its masturbator eggs, but now you want an adult toy that allows for several uses. Well, we’re pleased to say that Spinner 01 Tetra is the product you've been searching for. Would you like to know why?

Why should you buy yourself a Tenga Spinner 01 Tetra masturbator?

1) Because its spiral effect is something you've never felt before and it'll change the way you experience masturbation. To achieve this, the Tenga Spinner 01 Tetra draws on a design that allows it to twist as you perform the up and down movements — helping to create a series of unparalleled sensations.

2) As it comes with a sample of Tenga's Hole Lotion Real lubricant inside. What's more, if you want to use a Spinner 01 Tetra, it's essential that you use a lubricant — preferably a water-based one.

3) Because it includes a practical case in which to store your Spinner 01 Tetra. When using it for the first time, remove the wrapping and open it up. Inside, you’ll find your masturbator. From now on, you’ll be able to use this case for storage.

4) Because it caters to everyone. For this reason, the Tetra Spinner measures 13 cm (5.1") in length and 4.5 cm (1.8") in diameter. But not only that, it's made of very flexible elastomer so adapts to all shapes and sizes with ease (reaching an insertion depth of 17 cm (6.7") and an insertion width of 5 cm (2")).

5) Inside, it has geometric tiles with mild edges for your pleasure. In fact, according to the product specifications, this masturbator’s degree of rigidity is the lowest of the entire Spinner range — boasting one of the largest diameters. However, if you'd like to try a slightly different kind of stimulation, we're pleased to nform you that the 01 Tetra has two companions in the series: the 02 Hexa and the 03 Shell.

6) Because it's a reusable masturbator. In fact, it's very easy to clean. You just need soap and warm water. What's more, to facilitate the drying process, it has a specially designed case. If you remove the bottom cover, you'll find a practical storage box that doubles as a drying case.

7) Because it has an ergonomic shape, which ensures a perfect grip so that you can enjoy your Spinner 01 Tetra to the maximum.

8) Because on top of all that, in 2019 it was the winner of the 'Product Design' category at the prestigious Red Dot Awards. That means that an international jury recognized Tenga Spinner masturbators as deserving of an award for their exceptional design.

Do you really need more reasons to buy yourself a Tenga Spinner 01 Tetra masturbator?

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