Sprays, serums, water-based and silicone-based lubricants, intimate hygiene and care products - find and buy all Pjur Med range products here. With exclusively natural ingredients, without preservatives, hormones, and spermicidal substances, Pjur Med is intended for people seeking a healthy lifestyle. Do you want to combat vaginal dryness? Do you have particularly sensitive skin in the intimate area? Do you want to delay your ejaculation and prolong sexual intercourse? The German brand, which has become a global reference for the high quality and reliability of its products, has thought of all people and all needs. What are you looking for? Surely, you will find it within the Pjur Med series.

Silicone-based lubricants for very sensitive mucous membranes (Pjur Med Premium glide and Pjur Med Soft glide), water-based lubricants formulated especially for dry skin (Pjur Med Natural glide, Pjur Med Sensitive glide, Pjur Med Repair glide), and lubricants with exclusively vegan ingredients and no animal testing (Pjur Med Vegan glide). But there's more. With the Pjur Med Pro-Long Spray, which delays the moment of ejaculation thanks to tannic acid, your sexual encounters will last much longer.

And to avoid inflammation, redness, and irritation after intimate shaving, always use your Pjur Med After Shave or your Pjur Woman After You Shave.

With Pjur Med, you will always choose health.


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