Ribbed Condoms

Would you like extra stimulation? Would you like to enjoy more intense pleasure? In this section of EroticFeel, you’ll find a huge selection of ribbed, dotted, studded and other textured condoms. Have safe sex and increase your sexual pleasure at the same time. Enjoy more intense sensations thanks to EroticFeel. In this section, you'll find our entire range of ribbed condoms. Choose these condoms so that both you and you partner can experience another level of pleasure during your sexual encounters.

We're going to let you in on a secret. A condom can also be a sex toy. How? Well, imagine an original, fun or even delicious condom that improves the whole sexual experience. Condoms may have had a bad reputation in the past, especially for some men. However, things are very different nowadays. This attitude may have been understandable when the condom's only job was to prevent sperm from entering the vagina. But nowadays, there is an infinite variety of these creations produced by a huge industry that never stops innovating. You don't have to lose any sensitivty (there are ultra-thin ones), they're not uncomfortable, and they shouldn't ruin the moment by any means (that's entirely) up to you. Perhaps you weren't aware that condoms with ribs, dots or studs are all the rage. These are different textures that stimulate the inside of the vagina and make it easier for your partner to reach orgasm.

These textured condoms have arrived to banish a number of myths. One of them is that condoms can't increase pleasure during sex. Textured condoms are perfect for shooting down this dangerous myth once and for all. No, it's not enough just to put on the condom before ejaculating. That goes without saying! Obviously, not only does this not prevent the spread of STD/STIs, it's also the reason for countless unwanted pregnancies each year.

In this section, you’ll find our full range of ribbed, dotted, studded and other textured condoms. Safe sex that will take your pleasure to mind-blowing levels! Are you interested? Well, this is just the beginning.

Ribbed and dotted condoms

  • Durex Pleasure Me condoms

    This Durex product has dots and ribs that will help you satisfy all your partner's sexual needs. They're transparent, lubricated, natural latex rubber condoms. Their Easy-On design makes put them on easy and comfortable. Extra stimulation and pleasure for both of you.

  • Durex Intense Orgasmic Condoms

    These textured condoms will deliver mind-blowing sex. Made up of dots and ribs, they come pre-lubricated with a Desirex stimulating gel, providing her with hot, cool or tingling sensations. Divine pleasure for both of you. These condoms are compatible with water-based and silicone lubricants. But bear in mind — avoid oily lotions which can damage them and cause breakages. With sheaths made from responsibly extracted latex and packaged with sustainable cardboard, Durex condoms exceed international quality standards.

  • Durex Mutual Climax Condoms

    Durex Mutual Climax condoms are designed to speed up her orgasm and delay his. How does it achieve this? With a dotted and ribbed texture that increases stimulation, and with Performa lubricant (containing 5% benzocaine) to delay the ejaculation his ejaculation. Manufactured with natural rubber latex, they're transparent, lubricated, and specially designed to provide a unique and intense experience. Remember, like the rest of the brand's condoms, it has an Easy-On design, so putting it on will be a piece of cake.

The best textured condom

That depends on your preferences and the experience you’re looking for. Ribbed? Dotted? With a stimulating gel? One that makes it easier to reach climax together? Search and choose, or try them all! Each moment and each encounter is different.

Remember that ribbed or textured condoms are just as safe as classic ones.. The texture doesn't affect the quality of the product. If you're going to use it in the shower, water increases the risk of condom slippage. Also, although sea salt doesn't damage prophylactics, the chlorine used in the pools could adversely affect it.

Finally, if you want to use a lubricant to improve the quality of your relationships, keep in mind that water-based or silicone-based lubricants are ideal for use with condoms. Finally, if you want to use a lubricant to enhance the experience, oil lotions and oils can damage the structure of the condom and make them more likely to break.

If you're the shy type and want to avoid unnecessary embarrassment, all products purchased at EroticFeel are shipped with maximum discretion, in neutral packages and without labels or badges. You can also rely on the professionalism of all our employees.

Protect yourself and enjoy! Do you want to surprise your partner and add a bit of spice to your next sexual encounter?


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