Latex Free Condoms

We all deserve to enjoy safe sex, whether its oral, anal or vaginal, That's why at EroticFeel, we've given considerable thought to those who are allergic or sensitive to latex. Manufactured with materials such as synthetic polyisoprene, latex-free condoms ensure maximum pleasure with the best protection. You’ll have a more comfortable sex life with no risk to your sexual health. And even if you're are not allergic to latex, these condoms might also be a great choice for you. Synthetic polyisoprene transmits heat better than latex, so you get a more realistic and effective feel (and without that unpleasant latex smell). We have a huge range of latex-free condoms in this section. So, what are you waiting for?

So, you love sex (who doesn’t?), but you're allergic to latex. Don't despair! You can also enjoy safe sex without getting a rash. Latex is the most common material used in the production of condoms because of its high elasticity, resistance and the protection it provides. It doesn't only provide protection against unwanted pregnancies, but also against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. However, there are several alternatives that you should be aware of. The industry is moving forward to meet the demands of all consumers, so read on and choose the type of latex-free condom that best suits your needs. Don't let them make you choose between pleasure and protection.

You’ll find our entire catalogue of latex free condoms in this sex. Enter now and choose yours!

Hypoallergenic condoms

Redness, itching, rashes and swelling are some of the most common and mildest symptoms of latex allergies. In a latex allergy, your immune system identifies components or proteins found in latex as being harmful to the body. First of all, If you think you may have a latex allergy, we recommend that you consult a medical professional. Secondly, in the meantime, take precautions so that the sexual experience doesn't lose any of its magic. Being allergic to latex is no excuse for not protecting yourself — and we're going to tell you how.

Polyisoprene condoms are one of your best options. Polyisoprene is a synthetic version of a material derived from the sap of the hevea tree and doesn't contain latex proteins. These condoms are totally hypoallergenic and as strong and safe as latex. What's more, this material transmits heat better than latex so you get a more realistic feel during sex. They tend to be thinner than latex, and are considered to be just as effective in preventing pregnancies and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Membranes and intestines of animals such as sheep or lambs were, along with linen, the first materials to be used for making condoms. Lambskin condoms continue to be produced and have their fans. They're extremely thin and their users laud their ‘natural feel’. However, if you're thinking about trying them, keep this in mind: they're effective contraceptives, but due to their porous nature, they don't protect you against sexually transmitted diseases. The price might also make you think twice. They're much more expensive than other types of condoms.

Female condoms are usually made of synthetic resin such as polyethylene, or nitrile — a synthetic material similar to latex but without its allergens). They protect against both unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Often called 'internal condoms', these small sleeves are placed in the vagina, providing a physical barrier and preventing sperm from entering. However, they are still significantly more expensive than male condoms.

The best condoms on the market

  • Durex Real Feel condoms

    You'll find Durex Real Feel in our EroticFeel online shop. They're the very latest in condoms — latex-free and made of polyisoprene. Thinner than latex condoms, they provide a more natural feel during sex. They're transparent, lubricated, feel softer and have a more pleasant odour than their latex counterparts. Durex Real Feel can be used with lube and the company's patented Easy-On design makes them more comfortable and easier to put on than other branded condoms. They're suitable for people who have latex allergies and for those with sensitive skin. In fact, many users who don't have these conditions favour them over other condoms.

  • Durex Latex Free condoms

    This is another great option for those allergic to latex. These are hypoallergenic condoms made of synthetic polyisoprene. As we've already mentioned, this material is a better heat conductor than latex, and just as strong and effective. Durex Latex Free condoms come with an Easy-On shape — making them easier to put on and more comfortable to wear. Comfort and pleasure guaranteed! The pack includes 12 condoms with a nominal width of 56 millimetres.

Polyurethane condoms

Polyurethane condoms, like polyisoprene condoms, transmit heat better than latex. This means you enjoy more a more natural and realistic feel during sex This is also helped by the fact that they also tend to be thinner than most latex condoms. What's more, they're almost scent-free and are not damaged by oily lubricants. So, there are only advantages? Not quite. Polyurethane has less elasticity than latex and polyisoprene, which means it can't stretch as much and breaks more easily. Last but not least, although it's an effective contraceptive, it doesn't provide guaranteed protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

Now you know, have plenty of sex, but make sure it's safe — no excuses!


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