Silicone-based Lubricant

Do you fancy an underwater sex session? Swimming pool, beach, bathtub... Whatever the setting for your aquatic pleasure adventure, at EroticFeel — we recommend the use of a silicone-based lube. Enjoy the most intense, exciting and long-lasting sensations when having anal or vaginal sex.

Yes, we know. You've seen a lot of movies that depict sex on the beach as nothing less than an idyllic experience. And well, if you don't mind sand finding its way into each and every crevice, if you can dodge the seaweed and if manage to avoid the attention of voyeurs with their camera phones — then sex on the beach is indeed a heavenly experience! Putting all that aside, there are indeed lots of more pleasant and relaxing places to enjoy underwater sex. So, if you're up for some acuatic action — whether in the ocean, the pool, the shower, the bathtub or the jacuzzi — you'll definitely need a good quality silicone lube. It'll make it so pleasurable that you might never want to leave the water again!. Silicone based lube is much more long-lasting than its water-based counterpart which absorbs more easily.

It's thick texture also makes it ideal for masturbation and for certain sex toys — as long as they are not made of silicone themselves. Thanks to its versatility, it's not only perfect for sex and masturbation, but also as a massage gel. So many uses — get yours now!

The best silicone-based lube at EroticFeel

  • Durex Play Eternal

    Thanks to its silicone base, this lubricant lasts up to three times longer than water-based alternatives. It increases the pleasure and the duration of your sexual encounters. Suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex, you can also use it with all latex condoms.

  • Durex Play Real Feel

    This silicone-based lube is silky-smooth and delivers a warming effect on contact. A small amount is enough to achieve more natural smoothness and feel closer to your partner. It's suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex and can be used safely with all latex condoms.

  • Pjur Original

    This is one of the world's best-selling silicone lubricants. The prestigious German brand, a pioneer in this type of lubricant, takes care of every detail when it comes to its products. It provides excellent, long-lasting lubrication and is compatible with all latex condoms.

  • Pjur Woman

    Pjur Woman is the feminine version of Pjur Original It's been specially developed for women's delicate skin and provides excellent, long-lasting lubrication. It doesn't contain any artificial fragrances or preservatives and it's suitable for erotic massages. You just decide where the action ends!

  • Pjur Basic Silicone

    This is the ideal lube for beginners that are just finding their way in the world of silicone-based lubricant. Quality silicone lubricant at an unbeatable price.

What type of silicone lube is the best?

We're sure that you'd love us to answer this question, but we can't. Each moment and every occasion is different. You may have different preferences to your partner. For example, you might like the quality of Pjur Original, whereas your partner may prefer Durex Real Feel due to its warming effect. Now you know the options you have available , try them out and decide which silicone lubricant is best suited to your tastes and needs. Believe us — you’ll have a great time finding out at EroticFeel online sex shop!

Is there an ideal silicone-based lubricant for certain occasions?

Are you looking for an extra-long-lasting lube? Lube for sensitive skin? A warming lube? Or perhaps you've never tried silicone-based lubricant and you'd like to experiment? Each situation is different and requires a different type of lubricant. That's why at EroticFeel you’ll find such a wide range of lube — so you find exactly what you're looking for.


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