The Tenga Original Cup (Vacuum Cup, Soft Tube Cup, Rolling Head Cup, Double Hole Cup, and Air Cushion Cup) were the first five male masturbators from the now-famous Japanese brand. These five wonders set a record, selling over a million Tenga Cups in just one year! These stimulators offered something new and exceptionally pleasurable in the world of erotic toys. Since then, sales and new editions have continued to happen. Wondering what all the fuss was about? Provocative textures and vacuum effect. Try one and dispel your doubts. Here are all the available Tenga Cups. Which one will you choose?

Equipped with an insertion mechanism and a texture based on infinite knots and waves, the Original Vacuum Cup, also known as 'Deep Throat,' is the most classic and best-selling masturbator from the brand. The Soft Tube Cup, on the other hand, with a shape reminiscent of a hair gel bottle, allows you to regulate the pressure by squeezing, releasing, massaging, or stroking to your liking.

The Rolling Head Cup represented a leap forward, a stimulator so flexible that you can move it 360 degrees and do whatever you want with it. All Tenga Cups are designed for single use, except for the Double Hole Cup. You can enjoy it twice as it has two completely independent openings that also offer different sensations. Now it's time for the Air Cushion Cup, we'll just tell you that it's the world's first masturbator with an air cushion. As you can see, the choice is challenging, but no matter which one you choose, it's always Tenga.


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