Here are the three Tenga Spinners on the market! We know that the texture and pleasure provided by Tenga Eggs were difficult to surpass. Difficult, because nothing is impossible for the Japanese company. As experts in male stimulation, they offer you the gel texture of Tenga Eggs but in the form of a reusable erotic toy. Three masturbators with different diameters, shapes, and firmness, but with something in common: an overwhelming orgasm awaits you at the end of the journey.

Flexible, ergonomic, and very easy to handle, each of the Tenga Spinners offers a different sensation. For gentle stimulation and a delightful spiral effect achieved through plates with softened edges, choose the Tenga Spinner 01 Tetra. Need something firmer? With a reduced diameter and an internal arrangement of plates with pointed edges, the design of the Tenga Spinner 02 Hexa rotates when the penis is inside. Surprised?

Want to maintain the spiral effect but with an even firmer texture? Then the Tenga Spinner 03 Shell is for you. With an interior of rigid semispheres and the narrowest diameter in the series, it ensures strong and powerful stimulation. Which Tenga Spinner are you? Their different textures will provide you with amazing sensations. If you have to choose, choose Tenga.


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