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Satisfyer Endless Joy Vibrator for Couples

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100 vibration modes, more than 14 positions to enjoy it in; use it alone, or with a partner — for him and for her. This is what the Satisfyer Endless Joy gives you.

How is it possible that there are so many possible ways to use the Satisfyer Endless Joy?

This is for several reasons — let us tell you about them:

1) The Satisfyer Endless Joy vibrator for couples has an ergonomic and perfectly designed shape to stimulate several erogenous zones — both his and hers — either alone or as a couple. In fact, you can use it in at least 14 different ways.

2) The Satisfyer Endless Joy is equipped with three motors inside. One of them is situated in the main body, while the other two are located at the end of each arm. This means vibrations from three different directions.

3) The motors of Satisfyer Endless Joy can be controlled separately. How? If you look closely, you'll see that this product has two buttons on its surface — one has one indentation on it, while the other has two. Well, by pressing the button with the single dot on it for 2 to 3 seconds, you'll activate the motor in the main body . If you do the same with the button containing the two marks, the two motors at both ends will turn on.

4) Choose the type of vibration that most pleases you: from the central body or from the ends. Separately or at the same time. You choose. Just keep in mind that each button offers 10 vibration modes, so if you combine them you can enjoy up to 100 different kinds of stimulation.

5) Three motors, yes. But also total flexibility as well. Thanks to its material, this vibrator has the ability to adapt to the different areas of your body — without losing its firmness. It's covered with silky-smooth medical grade silicone and also boasts a textured underside.

The Satisfyer Endless Joy, as its name suggests, also has a sibling — called the Satisfyer Endless Love. They're very similar in appearance, so you may be wondering what the differences are between the two. Here are the details:

  • The Endless Love’s arms are a little slimmer than Endless Joy’s.
  • The Endless Love's buttons are a little further apart from each other.
  • While both toys have a silky smooth surface, both have a slightly rougher texture at the base. The Endless Love has a 'lined' texture, while the Endless Joy has a texture made up of raised bumps.
  • The Endless Joy is available in three different colours: pink, red and black.

The Endless Joy comes with a magnetic charging cable. And remember, if you've lost your magnetic USB charger, you can always buy a new one!

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