Iroha Zen: tea ceremony or game of pleasure

Iroha Zen: tea ceremony or game of pleasure
EroticFeel 9/13/2020

Let's rephrase that age-old question, "what would you take with you to a desert island?" to "what vibrator would you take with you to a desert island?". And you can only choose one — we know what you're like! Indeed, it is a very difficult question. The range on offer nowadays is incredible (thank heavens!). Classic vibrators, remote-control vibrators (these ones might not be that useful when alone on a desert island!), tiny and discreet vibrators, vibrating bullets, clitoral suckers, rampant rabbits... Choosing seems impossible! Well, ta-da! We have a finalist! And obviously, it had to be from Iroha — the Japanese brand run by and run for women. Their adult toys are so stylish, so innovative, so free and so cute — that they've completely won us over. Iroha believe that experiencing bodily pleasure is key if one is to live a long, healthy and fulfilling life (we couldn't agree more with this premise). And that’s why they create toys that not only provide you with sexual pleasure, they're also a feast for your other senses. In fact, they're so gorgeous and sophisticated, you could just as easily use them to adorn your mantelpiece!

The liturgy of leisurely pleasure

For the Japanese, the tea ceremony is of such importance that it's taught at universities as a means of making everyday life more enjoyable and enhancing relationships between people. (So, why are you going on about tea now? There's an explanation for this — we swear!). The ritual requires years of practice and learning for it to be performed perfectly. Now, that's obviously something very difficult to fit into our hectic lives in the West. And this is where Zen Iroha comes in. It's inspired by the slow and delicate pleasure of the tea ceremony — allowing you to enjoy gentle, refined and unhurried pleasure with something as elemental and natural as your own body. As we already said, it’s perfect for a desert island. You won't want anyone to show up wanting to rescue you and ruin your day!

Choose from three different colours based on the three varieties of Japanese tea: hanacha (flower tea - pink), matcha (green tea) and yuzucha(citrus tea - orange). Its appearance, which is reminiscent of one of the key utensils used in the ceremony — ‘the chasen’ (bamboo whisk) — is not just pleasing to the eye. Elongated and very easy to grip, its grooved design is designed to provide you with great moments (just don't moan too loudly — you don't want bother the people on the next island!). Touch, turn and play to experience all manner of pleasurable sensations. Would you like a tip? Don't just slide it into your vagina, massage your labia and clitoris. But once inside, try turning it — and make the pleasure even more intense.

Shall we enjoy a bath? Sure!

With its soft and gentle texture thanks to Iroha's signature Soft Touch silicone, the Iroha Zen is 100% waterproof. Stock up on batteries! Although it lasts for 4 hours at maximum power you'll want to use it for much longer. Remember — you're on a desert island and there's no supermarket just around the corner! And now for the most important stuff — how does it work? It couldn't be simpler. Press the button on its base to turn it on, turn it off and change vibration modes. Choose from a slow and soft vibration, a medium range vibration, a strong and rapid vibration, and a rhythmic pulsing mode.

Rediscover your body

Well now you know — a toothbrush, a good and thick book (you don't know how long you're going to be there alone!) and your Iroha Zen. Rediscover your body at your own pace, get to know it and enjoy it — as if you were performing a ritual. No rushing; just mindful pleasure — what could be better? Being invited to a Japanese tea ceremony is a great honour, but rejoicing in your own body is a far greater privilege. How much pleasure can you take?


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