Preliminaries and 'Slow Sex' to lose your mind in bed (or wherever you want)

Preliminaries and 'Slow Sex' to lose your mind in bed

You do not need to be Einstein to realise that not everything in a sexual encounter is penetration. The Internet is full of articles and blog posts about the importance of these games to motivate the couple, to keep the flame alive... A thousand and one reasons accompanied by guides where it is explained step by step what preliminaries are - kisses, caresses, massages, no hurry, a lot of imagination. Nothing you do not know (hopefully). Preliminaries are, by definition, everything that happens before sex. And if you do not spend the whole day having it (in that case, congratulations), preliminaries are everything. If you have recently started a relationship, or if you have casual sex every once in a while, this article may not be of interest to you for the moment. Passion drives you - even the slightest touch excites you. You are not able to watch a film until the end. It has been weeks since you last met your friends. Go out for drink? Such a waste of time! It feels so good in bed, on the sofa, in the car, or on the kitchen countertop. Enjoy it. It is too bad that it does not last forever, but the good news is that it can later be much better.

Those first months in which you throw yourself into his/her arms at any time have already passed, but you know each other better. You have already seen that he/she gets angry at TV, makes a porridge out of milk and cookies, and makes up half of the songs lyrics, and still you want to stay together. You know what the other likes; how his/her face changes with just a touch in the right place; how intense a kiss should be to lead to something bigger. Take advantage of that knowledge. The preliminaries do not need to be the same for everyone. There are no universal rules. Maybe you like getting back massages and your partner goes crazy with a tickle battle, who knows?

Either way, there are products that can always help you as well as tricks that will raise the temperature in one fell swoop. We obviously speak about ‘Slow Sex’, the latest trend. We are tired of being always in a rush. We eat in a rush; we leave the house in a rush; we even drive in a rush to go to the gym. A quickie can be very funny, yes, but not every single day. If a multi-course meal in good company feels better than an energy bar on the way to work, an evening of games and caresses that increase the desire to the maximum would be better than a quickie before turning around and falling asleep.

Start the preliminaries outside of bed

You can start the preliminaries outside of bed (highly recommended), even in the distance.

Suggestive messages telling everything you want to do or want to be done, touches under the table, erotic films - it is your choice. This should be followed by kisses (they are never enough), caresses all over the body (do not miss any part), bites (be careful), pantings... Oh! And do not underestimate the power of words - they are a powerful aphrodisiac.

Now we move on to the products that may be helpful to you. Pioneer and worldwide reference in Erotic Chic. Bijoux Indiscrets was born in 2016 to turn the game of seduction upside down, transforming the female desire into a leading role. Pleasure as a lifestyle. The result of this premise is the collection Slow Sex Intimate oils; oral sex and clitoral balms; stimulating anal and nipple gels; gels for masturbation; warming massage oils and lotions; or mouthwatering sprays.

Imagination and suggestion are the essence of the eroticism. Can you imagine the pleasure of applying edible oil flavoured with strawberry and honey to yourself? Of sliding the burning candle wax on your body? Of transforming your bodies into a canvas, and afterwards licking and tasting the paints you have used?

We have already told you - things can get much more interesting, if you dare.


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