Can you masturbate on your period? You certainly can.

Can you masturbate on your period
EroticFeel 12/7/2021

“And if a woman have an issue, and her issue in her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days: and whosoever toucheth her shall be unclean until the even.” — Leviticus 15:19, King James Bible (Old Testament). Yes, really. So, a couple of millennia later, you get your period and some people still wonder why you hide your tampon when you go to the toilet. They really have done a number on us, haven't they? Dirty, impure or sick; this is how menstruating women have been regarded for centuries — and it's not so easy to shake off the shame. But let us tell you something you already know: your blood doesn’t unlock supernatural evil forces (although that would be cool), and all the myths about menstruation are nothing more than that. It’s merely a biological process that doesn’t prevent you from having sex, masturbating or going for a swim.

Anyway, we should first clarify a couple of terms before getting down to business. Every month, the uterus of women of childbearing age prepares to welcome (hello there!) a fertilised egg. When this doesn't happen, the endometrium, which is the tissue that lines the inside of the uterus, is shed. The result is a mixture of blood and endometrial tissue that needn't be abundant to 'clean', nor does it prevent you from exercising, watering plants or bathing (because you're not a gremlin!). What about using a vibrator, touching yourself, having oral sex or doing a handstand? Well, unless you're in discomfort or feel unwell, we don't know what you're waiting for!

Is it bad to masturbate when you're on your period?

Why would it be? There is absolutely no downside to masturbating on your period other than the occasional stain. Staining your hands or your sex toy is easily remedied with a little soap and water and you're good to go. However, the bedsheets might be a different story. It may be a little more awkward and blood is not the easiest fluid to clean off. The solution? Well, there are many. But first, remember that sex and masturbation release endorphins that work as natural painkillers. More orgasms and less ibuprofen.

In addition, as sexologist and sex therapist Elena Crespi explains in an article in Spanish newspaper El País, "when we're on our period, everything is much more sensitive and some women feel more pleasure. What's more, blood is just one type of fluid among many during the sexual experience. It has been found that during the menstrual phase, the cervix lowers, which increases the pleasure and sensitivity inside the vagina. This is something that some women may find uncomfortable during penetration, but others will find very pleasurable".

So, is it wrong to masturbate when you're on your period? What can be wrong about more pleasure and less pain?

How to masturbate on your period

However you like! You can use G-spot vibrators, clitoral suckers, anal stimulators, your own hands — or whatever you see fit. Whether alone or with a partner, the only thing that may constrain you is the fear that you might leave stains. To prevent this, you can place a towel underneath you in bed. You can also choose to masturbate in the shower or use a menstrual cup or tampon, and focus on external stimulation.

Use a menstrual cup

Hopefully, you already know about these wonders — they're not a novelty by any means. They’re not marketed as widely as pads or tampons, but menstrual cups can last for up to 15 years, while a box of tampons lasts some women barely a month. For the major companies that produce sanitary products, there's just not enough profit to be made from them. A menstrual cup also allows you to masturbate without fear of staining; it's easy to insert and prevents leaks.

When wearing a menstrual cup or tampon, you should focus on external stimulation and avoid penetration — but there's still plenty of pleasure to be had there!

Just choose clitoral stimulation

That's like saying the sprouts are finished and there's just double chocolate cake with velvet icing left for dessert — poor you! The clitoris, bless her heart, is the queen of the party — and if you give her all the love she deserves during menstruation, she'll be incredibly grateful. As we said before, a menstrual cup or tampon, will prevent staining; but unfortunately, it won't allow you to masturbate with your 8-inch rampant rabbit. No problem. Focus on your clitoris. Stroke it gently; always begin with circular or up and down movements. Use your hands, a clit sucker, or an external vibrator. 

Many women are particularly sensitive and experience much more pleasure during their periods. Enjoy it! Want a tip? Don't let your period ever make you forgo an oral sex session. Try it and let us know (you'll find a contact email below).

Experience orgasms through your anus

Indeed, you needn’t confine your pleasure to just the clitoral area; the anus is there too — waiting for a treat! Apply lubricant generously around your anus and use your fingertips to spread it with a gentle massage using a circular motion. The area will relax as your arousal increases. As always, you can use just your fingers or you can raise the stakes with a special toy. Want to know our recommendation for those period days? Some anal beads.

As we mentioned above, by using a menstrual cup or tampon you will avoid dirtying your bed linen and you'll have full freedom of movement. Your genitals will be more sensitive and responsive. Stroke your clitoris and pause at the height of arousal to move on to your anus. Massage the area externally for a few minutes and introduce the anal beads little by little. Their gradually ascending size will facilitate insertion. Keep the beads in place and come back to your clitoris. Continue stimulating it, either manually or with a toy, until you feel an orgasm coming on. Now what? Pull the beads one at a time, trying to match the motions with the spasms of your climax. The result? A pleasure fit for a goddess!

Our tips for masturbating during your period

  • Leave behind any embarrassment or absurd prejudices; the only barriers to enjoying sex and masturbation during menstruation are purely psychological.
  • If you're worried about staining your bedding, place a towel underneath.
  • You can also use a menstrual cup or tampon and focus on stimulating other erogenous zones such as the nipples, anus or clitoris.
  • Doing it in the shower is a wonderful idea.
  • Use both your hands and your sex toys; menstruation fluid is non-corrosive — nothing bad will happen to them!

There is much more besides the vagina

We’d like to really stress this point. The vagina is just one of many erogenous zones in the female body, and no — it isn't the most important one either. If you find penetration uncomfortable during your period, or if getting blood on your hands or toys makes you feel uneasy — explore and get to know the rest of your body. Your nipples, anus and clitoris can provide immense joy.

Prioritise hygiene

Indeed, more attention should be paid to your intimate hygiene during menstruation, but don’t go over the top! Excessive use of soap can upset the balance of your vaginal flora and douching (washing our your vagina) is not recommended. If you use disposable sanitary products such as sanitary towels or tampons, make sure you change them often. Finally, if you use sex toys during your period, always wash them after use in exactly the same way as at any other time of the month. Use lukewarm water and neutral soap or a special cleaner.

Everything clear? You’re not dirty, nor impure, nor sick. And, if that person doesn't want to touch you in the meantime — don't ever let them touch you!


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