How to stimulate the perineum: the best tips and tricks

How to stimulate the perineum: the best tips and tricks
EroticFeel 6/21/2022

Let's face it, the perineum is barely a thing to us, a tiny body part we pay less attention to than the spleen. Nor should we be surprised, we've been focusing our sexuality on the penis and vagina for centuries and practically discovered the clitoris before yesterday. However, ancient yoga texts locate in the perineum the first chakra or Muladhara and for Taoist philosophy, in it lies 'the million dollar point'. No, we do not intend to get spiritual, but we like to travel and if it is for our anatomy and in search of pleasure, even more. Hop on the train because the destination is a sharp and deep orgasm.

Before we start, what is and where is the perineum?

The perineum is the region corresponding to the pelvic floor, the area between the anus and scrotum in men and between the anus and vulva in women. It protects the pelvic floor muscles, blood vessels and nerves used for urination or erection. Very sensitive, it is one of the main male erogenous zones, which does not mean that it does not also bring pleasure to women. The difference is that its massage in men indirectly stimulates the prostate.

Some Eastern philosophies place in the perineum the aforementioned 'million dollar point'. This name was due, according to legend, because that was the price to pay for the master to reveal its specific position within the perineal area. A very specific place that, pressed at the right moment, inhibits the ejaculatory reflex delaying the orgasm and opening the way to several climaxes in a row during the same session. Would you pay a million dollars for the secret of male multiorgasm and ejaculation control?

Some sexologists say that pressing the perineum to delay ejaculation is not the most advisable as it could cause unpleasant side effects such as pelvic pain or prostate problems, so avoid squeezing and caress, lick or use a vibrator on the area to experience pleasure. This was assured by sexologist Ruth Gonzalez Ousset in a report published by the ABCin 2018. According to this expert, in the perineum is located the so-called L-spot and its stimulation causes "a slower and more progressive orgasm, but at the same time deeper and stronger."

How to stimulate the perineum with the tongue

Now that we know where it is and all the pleasure it hides, it's time to enjoy it in a big way. The Egyptians considered oral sex an art form and its popularity has not diminished one iota over the centuries. But it is important to know that the focus should not only be on the penis or the clitoris. In the case of the female anatomy, the labia, the entrance of the vagina and the perineum also concentrate a large number of nerve endings.

And the same goes for the male body, the testicles and the perineal area are prime erogenous points that should not be neglected. Use your mouth, tongue and also your hands (unless you have them tied). Massage the glans with your tongue and then move down to the testicles and perineum. Combine oral stimulation with manual stimulation, caressing the penis with your hands while continuing to lick the perineum without haste and varying the pressure and rhythm of your movements.

How to stimulate the perineum with your hand

Use a little lubricant to promote sliding and enhance sensations and then spread it along the penis, scrotum and perineum. Grasp the penis and stroke it until the erection is powerful without forgetting to press lightly on the testicles (just the right amount of pressure, do not overdo it). Do not anticipate, wait until the excitement is sufficient and, while masturbating the penis with one hand, use the fingertips of the other hand to caress the perineum massaging it with some intensity, but without pressing hard.

Our tips for stimulating the perineum correctly

  • Remember that the perineum is an erogenous zone for both men and women, although in the case of the male anatomy its massage directly stimulates the prostate.
  • Stimulate it during oral sex or masturbation by using either the tongue or fingertips to caress it.
  • Start with delicate movements and watch his response.
  • Combining stimulation of the perineum with prostate stimulation causes intense orgasms and to achieve this comfortably there are specific toys that massage both areas simultaneously and with vibrations.
  • Don't forget the lubricant.


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