Iroha Yuki Vibrator

Iroha Yuki Clitoris Stimulator

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Can you imagine a gentle snowman massaging your clitoris to orgasm? It may seem like a strange sexual fantasy at first — but read on. The exclusive Japanese brand Iroha have designed a collection of high-end, minimalist, discreet and beautiful vibrators. So much so, that if you leave yours on the bedside table it'll be the cutest on it. And we're not judging your taste in decorations!

The white and pillow-soft Iroha Yuki will caress your clitoris with its smooth texture and the intensity of your choice. Moreover, unlike the Midori and Sakura, its end is semi-insertable. It'll provide you with a deliciously enjoyable experience that is very hard to beat.

Are you going on holiday? If the Iroha Yuki fits in the palm of your hand, imagine how little space it'll take up in your suitcase. Discreet and manageable, you can take it with you everywhere. Why risk being without? You never know when you’ll need your Iroha.

Specific characteristics of the Iroha Yuki

  • It's waterproof and can be submerged up to a depth of 50 cm. How would you like to add more fun to your daily shower?
  • It has four vibration modes — from the gentlest to the most intense. It also includes a ‘Rhythmic Pulsing’ mode.
  • Made of high-quality hypoallergenic silicone.
  • Covered with Soft-Touch — an especially soft and supple material that repels dust and is suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Works with a rechargeable lithium battery.
  • Splash-proof.
  • The item comes with a charging case and USB cable so that it's always ready.

When used at full power, the Iroha Yuki has a battery-life of 90 minutes. Once the battery has run out, the charging time is approximately 120 minutes. The storage case also doubles up as your charger, so just keep it inside after use and it'll always be ready for action.

How do you use your Iroha Yuki?

Experience its four different vibration by pressing its two buttons at the bottom. Turn it on, place it on your clitoris and relax. Remember that its rounded tip can also be inserted.

Cleaning and maintenance of your Iroha Yuki

Keeping it looking fresh and fabulous is very simple! Wash it with warm water and mild soap and leave it to dry. Never use bleach, detergent, alcohol or other products of high acidity or alkalinity to clean your device. The use of any of these products could cause discoloration and damage the structure of your toy — even deforming it.

Now, pleasure is not only within your reach, it also fits in the palm of your hand.

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