Iroha Sakura Vibrator

Iroha Sakura Clitoral Stimulator

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We must say — the Iroha Sakura is adorable. It's so beautiful that it wouldn't look out of place on the most beautifully decorated mantelpiece. But let's keep our focus. Don't get carried away by visual impulses alone — let's discover its benefits. What is the best feature a vibrator can have? You guessed it! This little flower petal will be responsible for your next orgasms, and believe us — not everyone can claim that. Don't let its small size deceive you — that's all you need.

Sakura, pink like cherry blossom, is a discreet and manageable high-end vibrator. It caresses your clitoris with the intensity of your choosing. And now for the best part — look at its indented tip. Do you know what this means? Pinches; gentle and delicious pinches that will bring a permanent smile to your face. It's manageable and discreet, so always carry it with you. Repeat after me: "I will never forget to enjoy myself, because a day without pleasure is a day lost".

What features make the Iroha Sakura the best vibrator out there?

  • Discreet and manageable.
  • Made of hypoallergenic medical silicone, it's dust-proof and splash-proof.
  • This material is also completely suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Its innovative Soft-Touch texture makes it the softest and smoothest clitoral massager on the market.
  • It's waterproof but may not be used underwater. So, you can used it in the shower — but not in the bathtub!
  • It can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild soap.
  • Comfortable and easy to use.
  • You can use it alone or with a partner.
  • It has two buttons and four vibration modes (low, medium, high and pulse).
  • With a charging box and USB cable included, it's always ready to take you to heaven.

The Iroha Sakura will last for 90 minutes at maximum power and the estimated charging time is 120 minutes. Remember to always use your toy with a water-based lubricant.. Silicone or oil-based lube can damage the item by discolouring or deforming it.

One last piece of advice before you place it in your shopping basket: never boil the product or leave it soaked in detergent, nor should you clean it with alcohol or other products of high acidity or alkalinity. Cleaning your Iroha Sakura with soap and water will be more than sufficient to keep it in tip-top condition for a long, long, time. Now lie back, relax and enjoy the massage!

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