We imagine that you've already realised that Iroha is an absolute delight for the senses. The brand have redefined pleasure with their products which are created exclusively by women and for women. We invite you to stimulate and pamper yourself with their discreet, yet suggestive vibrators that are made with the highest-quality materials. The company has designed each and every one of their exquisite articles just for your enjoyment.

Who wouldn't want to reach climax with one of these adorable toys? This is the first thing we thought of when we discovered the Iroha collection. We’d like to announce that we're super fans of the company and their way of understanding sexuality — taking female pleasure out of the closet and placing it firmly on the table. Here it is, and it’s just what we need. Do we give the same importance to masturbation as we give to exercising moderately, eating healthily and resting adequately? Probably not — and that's why Iroha was born. The Iroha brand was established in March 2013 after its founders identified great deficiencies in the female sex toy market. The market was awash with explicit products based around penetration that most women found intimidating. The products that were on offer also failed to convey an image of reliability or even safety.

Iroha produces high quality erotic toys with elegant designs to meet the most basic needs under the motto ‘a new era of pleasure for women’. Sophistication at the service of pleasure. The brand views pleasure as a way look after ourselves — an enjoyable way. Maybe that's why their products are more in line with those of a cosmetics brand than an adult toy company. They're so beautiful that you might even buy them to decorate your house! But don't let their appearance fool you — their stimulating powers are as effective as any sex toys on the market and they’ll leave you reeling with pleasure. That's a promise.

Let’s be clear about this — when we masturbate, we feel good. It's really that simple and Iroha understand that perfectly. Getting to know and enjoying our bodies is fundamental for our physical and mental well-being. It's difficult to enjoy sex with a partner when you haven't found out what you like, how you like it and how much you like of it. Now it's much easier to discover. Are you up for it?

Iroha Yuki, Midori and Sakura

Small but highly potent. Iroha's first collection includes three high-end vibrators that are so smooth and gentle, that you won’t believe the power they hide. Covered in Soft-Touch silicone and with a velvet finish, Yuki Midori and Sakura will be your favourite new superheroes. Yuki looks just like a delicate snowman. It vibrates and has a semi-insertable end to stimulate your clitoris and the opening of your vagina. Midori is green and round with a pointed end to massage you in all the right places. Sakura is pink like cherry blossom and with its double-tipped end, it’ll gently nibble you wherever you choose. You want all three, right? We understand.


Three new vibrators — more powerful, hermetically sealed and waterproof. But with the same Soft-Touch material and elegant design that defines that brand. Tori with a minimalist bird-shaped design and a sleek tip for vaginal stimulation;Kushi, ribbed and shell-like in appearance; and Yoru, shaped like a beautiful sea creature with a delicate opening to gently pinch you while receive stimulation. All three are so small that they fit in the palm of your hand, and all three with take you to heaven if you give them a moment — alone or in company.

Iroha Gentle Exploration

Iroha returns to surprise us again with the most original new vibrators for vaginal stimulation. The crescent moon-shaped Iroha Mikazuki is really flexible and adapts so easily to the female form — perfect for those just beginning their journey in the world of erotic toys. Designed for internal as well as external stimulation, you can fully control your levels of excitement with its two buttons that regulate its four vibration settings — from the gentlest pulses, to the fastest and the strongest — it’ll have you quivering with delight.

Now we move from a crescent moon to the reflection of that very same moon in rippling water. The Iroha Mikazuki is slim and arched, but the Iroha Minamo is thicker and undulating. Think of being rocked gently by the ocean waves while they caress your most intimate parts. Well, there you have it. That's the sensation that Iroha is looking for with this soft and flexible design.

Iroha Mini

We've fallen in love with this little drop of water. Available in three different tones (all as beautiful as each other), this battery-operated vibrator can be used for approximately five hours. If what you want are intense and concentrated vibrations, use the tip, where the tiny motor is situated. However, if you'd prefer softer and more gentle vibrations, make use of the base or the sides. Enjoy every minute of your five hours with the Iroha Mini! And another five, and another five...

Iroha Stick

Three lipsticks that are not quite as they seem. From now on, you’ll always want to retouch your make-up in the bathroom. Iroha have created a little, lipstick-shaped vibrator that couldn't be more discreet. Who would even suspect if they saw it in your handbag? Made from medical-grade silicone, it's completely safe and battery-operated. The surprise lies at the tip. Use the v-shaped tip to directly massage your clitoris or explore its surroundings for more delicate sensations. Coral, black or pink — what colour would you like your orgasms to be?

Iroha Zen

Inspired by the Japanese tea ceremony, the Iroha Zen is a reflection of how the brand understands sexuality. A calming ritual that relaxes you and makes everyday life more enjoyable. Available in three colours: Hanacha (floral tea), Matcha (lgreen tea) y Yuzucha (citrus tea). Its elongated and grooved design is designed with the sole purpose of giving you pleasure. Would you like a tip? Don't just insert the Zen Iroha into your vagina, once inside — twist it and experience new heavenly sensations.

Iroha Rin

To stimulate your clitoris and your vagina, to explore your body, to reach ecstasy — you don't need large dildos and clunky vibrators. The Iroha Rin will be more than enough. Available in two colours — Kogané (with a yellow base and white tip) and Akané (with a pink base and cream tip), this is one of Iroha's newest products. It has a strong, firm body and a smooth, soft tip that makes insertion a piece of cake. It vibrates and penetrates — providing you with incredible sensations on the inside and out. Choose from its four vibrations strengths and two pulse patterns. It's water-resistant and can be submerged by up to 50cm. Use it with a good water-based lubricant and you’ll be seeing stars — or even forests of blooming cherry blossom!

Iroha has won us over. So original, so free — their toys are works of art. Get closer to Japanese culture, breathe in and enjoy your body and make the most of your sexuality.. Isn't it time we started to value our alone time more?


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