Why buy a mechanical masturbator?

Yes, we know you've refined your technique, that you control every movement perfectly, every wrist turn, that you time it right. You've been doing it your whole life, and it hasn't been too bad. But why not try something new? If you've come this far, it's clear that you're at least interested, so don't kid yourself.

Mechanical masturbators are what you need. You'll reinvent your masturbation, discover new sensations you didn't know existed, and best of all, your pleasure will double. Look, the hand is fine, and we're totally in favor of it, but... don't you think it's time for a change? Your hand can't give you powerful vibrations or make you feel a powerful suction on your penis, but an electric masturbator can.

A mechanical masturbator may look like a gadget from the future, but don't worry, it's a 100% safe sex toy. Just relax, follow the manufacturer's recommendations, and let pleasure flood your body. Another day, you can tell us how the orgasm was... Trust us, with an electric masturbator, you'll feel like you're having real penetration sex, not just using a piece of plastic. Oh, Blowjobs are also possible with mechanical masturbators, they really have it all.

Are you really going to spend your whole life fiddling around like you live in the 15th century? Renew or die, gentlemen.

The best mechanical masturbators

Suction, vibration, pressure... there are so many types of different stimulation that it's impossible to choose just one mechanical masturbator. Each one is good at what it does, each one excels in its own way. Can we judge Rafael Nadal for his basketball skills when we all know he's a tennis star? The same goes for mechanical masturbators. At EroticFeel, you'll find the best mechanical masturbators from the best brands on the market, like Tenga, Pipedream, or PDX, among many others.

Find your electric masturbator here, whether it's in the shape of an anus, vagina, mouth, hands-free, waterproof... in masturbation, anything is possible!


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