Tenga Flip Hole Silver

Tenga Flip Hole Silver Masturbator

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Why not give yourself the luxury of polishing this rough diamond?

Tenga's Silver Flip Hole is a sophisticated masturbator that houses a jewel inside. Its firm waves, ribs and edges that make up the texture of the thermoplastic elastomer sleeve recreate the structure of the most coveted gemstone. To add the finishing touch, the protective polycarbonate (PC) casing boasts a handsome silver finish.

Would you like to know what other valuable secrets the Tenga Flip Hole Silver Masturbator hides and how to discover them?

As you may have noticed, the Flip Hole Silver silver includes a three-button control panel. These buttons, which can be pressed with only one hand, control the stimulation by applying pressure to three different areas on your penis. When combined with the aforementioned texture, you'll feel an intense sucking sensation.

You may have noticed that the Flip Hole Silver has a sliding cover. This implies that the product can be opened — but not in a conventional way. When you remove this cover, you'll discover that this device can be flipped open. This feature makes it really easy to use. We're sure you've guessed that you need to apply a water-based lubricant to this masturbator before inserting your penis. By flipping open the masturbator, you can apply plenty of lubricant to every single detail of the internal texture. Don't worry if you've forgotten to get yourself some lube. Tenga have got your back and include two free samples of their Tenga Hole Lotion Real. Now just put the cover back on and... we're sure there's no need to explain what to do next!

Last but not least, we're sure you’ll be pleased to find out that this is a reusable product. With proper cleaning, your Silver Flip Hole can live a long and happy life. You can use a special sex toy cleaner, but in most cases, neutral soap and warm water will be enough to keep the masturbator in perfect condition. You should also make sure that you also dry it well. Before storing it in a cool, dry and dark place, make sure that absolutely no moisture has been left inside.

Let the pleasure countdown commence.

3, 2, 1… Enjoy!

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