Sex and adult toys during pregnancy — all you need to know.

Sex and adult toys during pregnancy — all you need to know.

Let's discuss the myths and prejudices — and banish any fears you might have. Long ago, even the specialists advised against sex during pregnancy because they considered it to be unsafe. Nowadays, many new parents still have legitimate concerns. However, we aim to clear these up — so everyone can keep having the best sex of their lives. Can you enjoy a sex life while pregnant? Is penetrative sex harmful?What about anal sex? Is the use of adult toys not recommended? Could sex cause a miscarriage or lead to a premature birth? Let’s see — first of all, we've decided to put ourselves in the hands of the experts and consult a gynaecologist and obstetrician from the Public Hospital of Navarra, Spain. The first thing she makes clear is that "sexuality during pregnancy is a whole world in itself" — neither all women, nor all pregnancies are the same. Nevertheless, unless you have a specific problem, which your doctor will inform you about — such as a history of miscarriage, risk of premature birth, bleeding, or placenta praevia; sex during pregnancy is not only harmless — it's highly recommended. "We always encourage relationships of all kinds," explains our expert.

Don't worry, just like your baby won't suddenly fall out while you're doing the shopping — penetration won't do any harm either. A penis isn't a weapon of mass destruction! It's important to remember that the foetus is protected by amniotic fluid and the thick walls of the uterus. These are, in turn, sealed by a mucous membrane that adds an extra layer of protection. What about anal stimulation? “If the couple are used to it, it's not a problem". Sex does not cause miscarriage and neither does it lead to premature delivery. "The belief that it can speed up childbirth is an unproven myth that I don't believe in. It's based on the idea that orgasmic contractions can generate labour contractions — yet they have nothing to do with each other".

Sex toys and use of Kegel balls during pregnancy

Now, we'd like to address the issue of using sex toys during pregnancy. Our gynaecologist clarifies that those for external use (suckers, vibrators or massagers that stimulate the external part of the vagina or the clitoris) are complexly risk-free. As for toys that are inserted into the vagina, "I would only recommend those made with medical silicone and avoid larger ones or ones that vibrate. Although they've not been found to adversely affect the foetus, I wouldn't advise their use". Of course, it's always necessary to keep your sex toys clean to prevent infections — but during pregnancy, good hygiene is even more important. And what about the use of lubricants? “As long as they're water-based”.

And now let's delve into the world of pelvic floor exercises. As you know, it involves contracting your muscles as i you're going to pass water, and then relaxing them. A toned pelvic floor, in addition to enhancing the quality of your orgasms, prevents urine leakage and prolapses. “We recommend the use of Kegel balls from the second trimester onwards to reinforce the pelvic floor for the post-partum period. Just to makes things clear — even if you have a Caesarean section, the pelvic floor still suffers and everything you do to strengthen it from pregnancy onwards will be beneficial”.

"Hormones in pregnancy are a dance — some women's sex drive increases, while other women's sex drive decreases. It also depends on the trimestre, she explains. During the first few months, nausea and discomfort may reduce your libido. In the second trimestre, hormones usually increase the desire to have sex. Finally, in the third, your tummy may make it difficult to find a comfortable position. So as you can see, unless your doctor points out any contraindications, sexuality can be practised in all its forms — as long as the desire and the strength is with you.


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