Flavoured Lubes

Eat up your partner with kisses...or licks! Choose your favourite flavour and enjoy an exhilarating sexual experience with these water-based lubes. So, as you can imagine — they're ideal for oral sex. But they’re also perfectly compatible with condoms and adult toys.

Would you like to give a gourmet twist to your sexual encounters? We'd like to present our delicious range of flavoured lube. It's so delicious you'll want to lick off everything single drop (which is what it's all about!). First of all, we'd like to clear something up — edible lube and flavoured lube isn’t the same thing. The first type are flavoured or non-flavoured gels which can be ingested safely. Flavoured lube is lubricant that has had a certain flavour added to it. It's specially designed for oral sex, but can often be used for anal and vaginal sex as well.

Flavoured lubricant Enjoy edible pleasure

  • Durex Play Cherry lube

    If you have a sweet tooth, you'll love this lubricant with its fresh, fruity taste that recalls the taste of ripe cherries. Its water-based formula is ideal for oral, vaginal and anal sex. Also, it's perfectly compatible with any latex condom. It’s sugar-free and got a smooth texture. Use it whenever and wherever you like — pleasure is guaranteed.

  • Durex Play Strawberry Lube

    You’ll be able to enjoy the taste of fresh strawberries all year round with this lube. Water-based and suitable for oral, vaginal and anal sex, this intimate lubricant can be used safely with any latex condom.

Flavoured lubes are some of the best-selling gels. They don't only lubricate your erogenous zones for smoother and more pleasurable penetration, they also awaken the senses — creating a unique erotic environment. A word of advice: Durex flavoured lube is sugar-free, making it suitable for vaginal and anal sex. However, some flavoured lubricant includes sugar as one of its ingredients. You shouldn't use these types of lube for vaginal sex because breakdown of sugars in the vagina can throw your pH out of balance and cause fungal infections, especially candidiasis.

What flavours of lube are available?

The most well-known and popular flavoured lubricants are the fruit ones — especially strawberry, tropical fruits, banana, cherry and apple. Another big favourite is chocolate flavoured lubricant. For fans of choccy lube (like us!), any time is a good time for some hot licking action!

There’s such a huge range of different flavours available nowadays that it's often hard to keep up. There's lube which tastes like beer, champagne, caramel, coconut, cinnamon and even piña colada! But first prize in the weird flavours category must go to bacon-flavoured lube. We're not sure if it tastes particularly good, but it certainly is adventurous!

As you can see, there’s a lot to choose from at EroticFeel's online sex shop. The secret? Pick, lick and mix! Why just settle for one? They say variety is the spice of life after all — and what better way is there to spice up your sex life?


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