Neutral Lubricant

Introducing one of our most essential products. Transparent, odour-free and flavourless. In a nutshell — you're not going to notice it's there until the action begins. You’re invited to relax and experience new sensations with our range of neutral lubricants. Besides being suitable for use with all types of condoms and toys, it can also be used as a moisturiser for your intimate areas.

Transparent, odour-free and flavourless. So, you're not into all that flashy stuff. You know what you like and how you like it. You know how to turn any moment you have, alone or with a partner, into a memorable occasion. What are you looking for? Extra lubrication — as simple as that. But lubrication that feels as natural as possible. The sheer range of of lubricating lotions that are available can be quite overwhelming. Tropical fruit flavoured lube, climax delay lube so that you don't reach your goal too early, edible lube, lube with a cooling or warming effect to add more intensity to your sensations... There's such a huge choice, but sometimes this just isn't necessary.

On the other hand, and as you'll already know — lubrication is essential. Both when using adult toys and for sex with a partner. A lack of lubrication means dryness, which can make any activity uncomfortable — and even painful. Don't risk it. For effective lubrication that feels completely natural, take a look at our range of neutral lubricants.

The best neutral lube at EroticFeel

  • Satisfyer Men Neutral Lubricant

    The brand that revolutionized the world of masturbation couldn't ignore one of the key ingredients you need to enjoy it — the lube.. Satisfyer Men neutral lubricant is now one of their star products. It's water-based, flavourless and odour free. It's not oily or greasy and it's suitable for use with all types of condoms. It's the perfect choice for smooth penetrations and slippery sex play. Satisfyer Men Neutral lube is completely safe. You can use it with your Satisfyer masturbator or any other sex toy without fear of damaging the material. Long-lasting and with a natural feel, you'll simply enjoy effective lubrication with no additives or other unnecessary frills.

  • Tenga Egg Lotion

    Tenga spoil their fans with original, innovative and top quality products. All of this brand's lubricants are water-soluble, i.e. water-based, and are specially designed for their very own masturbators. In this case, Tenga Egg Lotion gives a nod to the famous Tenga Egg with its presentation — a small, discreet and handy egg-shaped package that you can take with you anywhere. It's transparent, odourless and with a lovely texture. You can use it with all Tenga products, but also with any other sex toy without fear of damaging it. And in case you were wondering — it's not sticky and it's very easy to wipe off. You just need soap and warm water.

  • Durex Play Original

    This is Durex’s most classic lubricant. It's light and smooth and can be used with all condom brands. It's also suitable for vaginal, oral and anal sex. It's water-based and it's not sticky or greasy. Its light and smooth texture enhances your pleasure during sex in a natural way. Relax, enjoy and experiment.

  • Pjur Original

    Pjur Original is one of the world's best-selling silicone lubricants. You can use it with any type of condom and it's extraordinarily long-lasting. It's flavourless and odourless. The products of this prestigious German brand really do stand out for their quality and safety. It's perfect for daily use and is suitable for sensitive skin. It delivers neutral and natural lubrication that's even effective when used underwater. How about some naughty pool or jacuzzi sex?

  • Pjur Woman Lubricant

    Here's the most classic Pjur lube, developed specifically for soft and delicate female skin. It doesn't contain perfumes or preservatives and provides extremely long-lasting lubrication for unhurried enjoyment. It's effective even when a woman's lubrication has been impaired by maternity, surgery or menopause. As you know — pleasure is compulsory.

  • Pjur Basic Silicone

    Ideal for getting started in the world of silicone lube. It's odourless, flavourless, paraben-free and 100% suitable for use with condoms. Pjur Basic Silicone is non-sticky, non-greasy and has a long-lasting effect. It's also perfect for anal sex.

  • Pjur Aqua

    Although Pjur is renowned for its excellent silicone lubricants, it also makes great water-based lube — and this is the proof. If you're looking for a quality lubricant that also cares for and moisturises your skin — here it is. It leaves your skin silky smooth, without being sticky or greasy. It's suitable for use with condoms and ideal for daily use.

  • Pjur Woman Aqua

    Although similar in texture to Pjur Aqua, Pjur Woman Aqua has been specially developed for women's delicate skin. Gentle and moisturising, it has intensive lubricating properties and doesn't contain oils or perfumes. It moisturises by fully penetrating your skin and leaves it silky-soft to the touch. Ideal for daily use.

  • Pjur Woman Nude

    This is a neutral, water-based lubricant that's the ideal choice for those who want to live responsibly and sustainably. Paraben-free, preservative-free and glycerin-free, it cares for and moisturises women's delicate skin.

  • Pjur Basic Water Based

    Ideal for getting started in the world of water-based lubricants, this is an a top-quality and very reasonably priced product. It contains no additives and is removed very easily — leaving your skin fresh, soft and clean. If you were wondering why it costs less than other lubricants of the same brand, the answer's simple: it's less concentrated and its effect isn't as long-lasting. Perfect for newbies who don't want to spend too much on their first lube.

  • Pjur Woman Aloe

    A natural, water-based lubricant with aloe vera. Wonderful. The aloe vera extract moisturises, nourishes and enhances the suppleness of your skin. It's Paraben, paraffin free and pH balanced. Pjur Woman Aloe is suitable for use with latex condoms and all sex toys. Pleasure is guaranteed.

  • Pjur Woman Vegan

    Sustainable pleasure. Pjur Woman Vegan water-based lubricant is made of 100% vegan ingredients and is not tested on animals. It's pH balanced and doesn't contain any artificial colourings, preservatives or fragrances. Pjur Woman Vegan lubricates and takes care of your skin in the most natural way possible. Suitable for use with latex condoms and all sex toys. Let's hear it for natural pleasure!

When should you choose neutral lube?

Neutral or classic lubricant is ideal when you want extra lubrication, but without any of the added extras. Choose it when you want the feeling of lubrication to be natural as possible. Other lubes (warming or cooling effect, climax delay, etc.) provide extra sensations in addition to lubrication. Just concentrate on the pleasure — what else do you really need?


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