Male Lubes

At EroticFeel, we know how much you like having fun. That's why we'd like to introduce you to the perfect accompaniment to your favourite masturbator. Choose your preferred texture and effect — and enjoy!

You like sex — whether alone, accompanied or with your favourite adult toy. You're looking for something that adds moisture, makes penetration smoother and makes your favourite games much more enjoyable. Great! We've got what you're looking for. At EroticFeel, we bring together the best male lubricants at our online sex shop. Take a look around — you’ll want them all!

Types of lube for men. Which should I choose?

  • Satisfyer Men Neutral

    Satisfyer has a whole range of lubricants specifically designed for male pleasure. Satisfyer Men Neutral is ideal for moments of pure pleasure with no distractions. It's transparent, flavourless and contains no preservatives. It simply offers the most realistic and natural feeling lubrication possible. This water-based, oil-free and non-greasy lube provides a long-lasting gliding effect and is totally compatible with latex condoms.

  • Satisfyer Men Cooling

    This cooling effect lube from Satisfyer will stimulate all your senses. It feels like an ice cube melting away on contact with your warm skin. It's a water-based, oil and grease-free lubricant that cares for and moisturises your skin. It's long-lasting formula enables you to enjoy smooth and slippery penetration for as long as you need. Compatible with sex toys and condoms, icy-cool fun is more than guaranteed.

  • Satisfyer Men Warming

    Make your sessions even steamier with warming lube. This water-based lubricant for men can be used with any toy and any latex condom. It's oil free and non-greasy. You'll feel a sensual warm effect as soon as it comes into contact with your skin. It enhances the feeling of contact and stimulates your senses.

  • Tenga Egg Lotion

    Tenga, the undisputed leader in male masturbation products, delivers quality male lube so that you can enjoy every experience to the fullest. The packaging evokes the shape of their famous Tenga Eggs and contains a water-based lubricant that's perfect to use with any of the Japanese company's toys. Its small size makes it easy to store and carry around. It's perfect for travelling and ensuring that nothing gets it the way of your pleasure sessions.

  • Tenga Hole Lotion - Real

    Tenga has developed this water-based lubricant to create a powerful warming sensation that evokes real sexual encounters. This lube is specially designed for Tenga masturbators and the company does not recommend its use during sexual intercourse.

  • Tenga Hole Lotion - Mild

    This lubricant will transform the time you spend with your Tenga into real pleasure adventures. This is the company's most delicate and immersive lubricant. Its unique texture delivers a soft, silky and pleasant feeling. This lube has been specially designed by the brand for its reusable masturbators.

  • Tenga Hole Lotion - Solid

    This male lubricant designed by Tenga is for those men who go for strong and powerful stimulation. Its thicker texture is the perfect accompaniment for the rough internal structures and pronounced contours of these masturbators.

  • Tenga Hole Lotion - Wild

    This stimulating gel and male lubricant contains menthol. You'll notice this ingredient's benefits as soon as it comes into contact with your skin. First comes the freshness — then the excitement and enhanced sensitivity. For a wild and intense experience.

As you can see, the range of male lubricants available at the EroticFeel online sex shop is extensive. Wanna play?


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