Shipping conditions

At EroticFeel, we take care of your orders, so they can arrive on time and in perfect condition. That’s why, all the products bought at our website come from our own warehouses — and never from third parties. Thus, we can guarantee the availability, the delivery times and that your items arrive in pristine conditions and in completely neutral packaging.


Don’t worry, your secret is safe. Even though we would like to surprise you with your order and our packaging, we think it’s best if you wait for what’s on the inside of the box. It will be completely brown on the outside, with only the label of the shipping company. You won’t see EroticFeel on the return address either. Your anonymity is ensured.


We only allow to buy products we can ship within a reasonable time. That’s why, if it is urgent, it would be important to pay attention to the legend shown on the product card. There you’ll see if that product is on our warehouses (on stock) and, therefore, if we could serve it immediately. You will also see if we can deliver it within 2-5 working days (it would be products that some of our suppliers have and that we can get for you).

Finally, if the product is 'Out of stock' in our warehouses and none of our suppliers have it, we won’t let you place the order. However, you can provide your e-mail so we can let you know as soon as we receive the product.

Shipping areas

At EroticFeel we ship to several countries. All the same, from this website you can only buy for Ireland. If you would like to receive our products in another country, you should purchase form the specified website for that country. Notice that, at the upper right of the website (or the lower part if you are using the mobile version), you can find a country selector that will direct you to the chosen country.

At EroticFeel Ireland we only have one shipping area. This means that all deliveries to Ireland have the same conditions, it does not matter where it goes. Please bear in mind that we don’t deliver to Northern Ireland. If you want to ship to this area, you will need to buy from EroticFeel United Kingdom.


The shipments will always be free with the standard delivery, provided that they reach the amount of €60 in products (with the possible discounts already applied). However, if you do not reach that amount, you can still purchase our products, but paying €4.95. It doesn’t sound bad, does it?

If you are in a hurry to receive your order, you can choose the express delivery (which will arrive in only 24 hours in the main cities and 48 hours in little towns). If your order is less than €60, the express delivery has a cost of €8.90. If your purchase has a total amount of between €60 and €150, the shipping cost would be €3.95. Lastly, the delivery would be free if your order value exceeds €150.

Transit time

In normal conditions, all orders should arrive within 2 or 4 working days if you choose the standard delivery (if you place your order before 17.00) and within 24-48 hours if you select the express delivery (if you order before 15.00). To this end, we use the shipping companies DHL and Fastway. Once we shipped your order, you will receive an e-mail with the chosen carrier and the tracking number.

All deliveries, both urgent and not, will always have a tracking number and two delivery attempts.

We’ll try, through every means possible, to make the carriers comply with the aforementioned deadlines. However, if for reasons beyond our control these deadlines would not be met, in no case we will be responsible for any delay.

The product will be considered as delivered once you signed the delivery receipt. If you do not receive your order within 30 days, the package will be considered lost and we will be liable for that. We will refund you the price of the product or replace the lost product for a new one of the same price.

Receipt of wrong order or damage to package

Please bear in mind that once you receive the package, you have a maximum of 5 calendar days to verify that you have received the correct item and that it is not damaged. This is the time limit given to us by insurers in order to file a claim. Of course, this period only applies to claims related to deliveries. For instance, when an item has been clearly damaged in transit, or in the event that an error has occurred in our warehouse and you have not received what you ordered.

Limitation of the Express Delivery

Express shipments have a weight limitation due to their shipping via airmail. We can only offer this service in optimal conditions for orders of less than 5 kg. If your order exceeds this weight, this option won’t be shown and you won’t be able to select it. Nevertheless, at EroticFeel it is very rare that orders reach this weight, due to the small dimensions of the products we commercialise. Regarding the express deliveries to the Channel Islands, the weight limitation would be 2 kg instead of 5 kg.

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